5 Ways to A More Balanced Life

Having or creating work-life balance can be tough. It’s very hard to find the that balance between a happy boss and happy home. Yet, there are a few things that you should do both at work and at home to create a more balanced life.

Because this is such an important topic, it has been studied by groups like Mental Health America, Web M.D., Forbes, and Business News Daily. Instead of sending you all over the Internet to try and find some tips to help you manage your time and create a work-life balance I’ve put them into five quick tips that you can form a more balanced life both at home and at work!

  1. Create a Routine

One of the best tools to use at work is to make a list of tasks based on priority. Prioritizing your work gives you the path to get the most important things done and using a checklist allows you to see what you have achieved during the day (boost up that positivity!). Having a daily routine will make you less stressed about what you will do each day at work.

Routines are great for home too. They let everyone know what’s going on and when. But, sometimes you need downtime (I am so guilty of not taking downtime). Don’t be afraid to give yourself and your family some downtime. You can even put it on the calendar if you want! Scheduling in downtime for you and your family is a great way to make sure you all can relax and bond together.


  1. Telecommute

If you can telecommute to work do it on days where you are sick, your kids are sick, or the commute will be extra-long due to bad weather. Telecommuting is a great way to give your employer with what they need while giving you some breathing room. This is becoming more and more accepted. Never hurts to ask.


  1. Learn to Say No

Tell me you have this issue? (I know I do) Many of us think we don’t have the ability to say no. The result of not saying no?  You take on too many tasks, work overtime, and now you’re stressed about not being able to get everything done. If there’s a job you know you won’t be able to get done just say no (credit: 1980’s after school specials).

It is important to learn how to say no to social events and home life events too. Maybe you have social obligations that are just too draining, or don’t allow you enough time with your family. Removing these out will help you find balance.


  1. Learn Your Employer’s Policies

Understand and learn your leave, vacation, sick, and disability policies. Also, learn what telecommunication systems your company has in place. If there aren’t any, you need to ask. This will ease any stress if you need to use vacation or sick days or if you need to telecommute.

If you have children, learn their school’s policies too. Knowing the procedure for turning in sick notes, calling out for the day, or showing up late is going to save a lot of headache for both you and them!


  1. Communicate

Let your employer know what’s going on. Let them know where you’re at on projects, if you’re going to be on time ahead of deadline or behind on schedule. Communicating these to your employer will lessen stress on the job.

Communication at home is needed too! Especially if you are married with kids at home. Make sure you are letting everyone know what is going on with you. You need to know what is going on with everyone else also!

Set a family meeting once a week to discuss upcoming events, stress points, things that need planning and other aspects of life that could cause stress. This will help your ability to find that balance between work and home.


These five steps will help you find some balance in your busy life. What are some ways that you have found a balance between work and home that weren’t on this list?

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