Soda Versus Mushrooms: A Case Study

Is 182 calories worth of soda the same as 182 calories worth of mushrooms? Let’s find out…

The Soda

A 22-ounce soda has 44 grams of sugar, 182 calories and that’s it. Nothing else. The stomach quickly absorbs the sugar which causes a spike in blood glucose levels and a variety of bad chemical reactions in the body, including, increases in storage of belly fat, increases in bad cholesterol and blood pressure, and may even contribute to infertility in women!

All that insulin also blocks leptin, the hormone that controls appetite. As people become more unaffected by leptin, they never register that they are satisfied. Never feeling satisfied can lead  to overeating, out of control cravings and adds fuel to the sugar addiction fire. This domino effect leads to bad eating habits, and cravings for sugar.

The Mushrooms

Mushrooms are also carbohydrates, but instead of being simple sugars like soda, they are complex carbs that digest slowly in the body. They will not cause blood sugar spikes, but instead be digested slowly and they provide essential nutrients, like potassium, fiber, protein, iron, vitamin D, and magnesium, healing the body instead of causing immense harm.

The quality of nutrition in the mushrooms supports tons of healthy results in the body, and also helps protect against chronic disease, including cancers and heart disease.

The nutritional profile, slow digestion, and fiber found in mushrooms makes you feel full and satisfied; that will take care of the out of control cravings and over eating. Will mushrooms contribute to weight gain? NO WAY! (unless they are stuffed mushrooms with crackers and sausage and creamy sauce…)

The difference between the calories in soda and mushrooms is massive. In fact, as opposed to the soda that is all harmful, there is not one thing in mushrooms that is.

One study looked at the correlation of sugar and calories to risk of diabetes found that adding 150 calories a day to a diet barely raised the risk for diabetes, however when those calories were from soda the risk increased by 700%!

The Volume Is Impressive Too

Oh, by the way, 186 calories of mushrooms is about 9 cups, that’s a lot of mushrooms (especially in comparison to the 22 ounces of soda).

OK, most people will not eat 9 cups of mushrooms in one sitting, but think about how much more food you can actually eat when choosing quality food?

What Does This Mean for Eating And Counting Calories?

Eat slow digesting foods and skip the simple sugars!

Very Little Or No count

Look at food labels for foods that contain a high amount of fiber. Plant foods naturally have a great deal of indigestible fiber that will bulk up the stool and won’t be counted as “real” calories because they are not digested or absorbed in the body. Vegetables are always your best choices, and low sugar fruits like berries.

More Count

Meats, proteins, and other low fiber foods are more digested and absorbed, so those foods will count more than vegetables.

Highest Count

Empty calorie foods, cake, donuts, cookies, potato chips, soda and other junky foods are your worst choices that will do nothing good for your body and will cause serious harm.

Do you eat high fiber foods?

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