Can You Force Happiness?

So, can you?

Picture this:

Your boss is on your @ss for the last week to get that report done. One of your kids is having trouble in school. There’s a leak in your ceiling and you have no idea how you’re going to have it fix let alone how much it’s going to cost.

These are all situations that make it hard to be happy.

But, can you actually make yourself happy by changing the way you think?

There are tons of studies that show yes, you can force yourself to be happy.


The act of smiling can be that one trigger which will make your mind shift. It won’t make all your problems vanish, but it will help to cope with them easier.

Practical actions:

Let’s focus on all the awesome you have in life. We tend to focus on all the “problems” we believe to have and not enough energy on all the amazing things we have.

You’ll notice that those “problems” will eventually go away.

You finish your boss’ report.

You will work with your child that is having trouble and get them some extra help.

You will find out the problem with the leak, find the money and get it fixed.

Picture those positive outcomes and the actual problems will become less important.

Set up in your mind a vision of what it’s like to be happy and your brain will work to help you get there.

Set up in your mind a vision of what it’s like to be happy and your brain will work to help you get there.

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Obviously, we are all human. There are going to be times when no matter how hard you try, fake smile and all, you just can’t get past those feelings of anger, sadness, or just blah. In these cases, talk to friends and family. Sometimes, just having someone listen to you can turn around your mood. This will help you set the step into happiness.

Another way to help yourself be happy is to take a break. Spend more time on your hobbies or book a mini vacation with your family. We really do need to recharge. Get away from the monotonous routines. It lets you see life from a different perspective and allows you to think more clearly. This can be all that you needed to turn around negative, crappy situations and relieve the pressures that prevent you from being happy.

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