Set Aside Fear and Free You

Fear is something we use to protect ourselves. When we enter an unknown area, our sense of fear rises. We want to survive to live another day. In this way, fear can help us determine whether we should move forward or go somewhere else.

But that same fear can hold you back from experiences that may advance your life. People fear the unknown. Most will need to venture into the unknown to accomplish their goals or to get out of unwanted situations.

Fear: False Experiences Appearing Real

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One way to overcome fear is to read about others who have faced similar circumstances like the one you fear. See what steps they took and try to fit what they did to what you want to do. Not every answer will be practical, but if you search for multiple ideas from different people, you may find a set of ideas that will work.

Know that most of what we fear is not as bad as we first believe. When we try something out that we were afraid to try, we will learn it was much easier than we thought it would be. Think about those times when you said to yourself, “that wasn’t so bad!” There are likely to be many of those in your life.

Create a vision of what your situation would be if your fear were removed. Continue this vision for as long as it takes to reduce or eliminate your fear. The very act of believing the fear is not real can help convince your mind that there is nothing to be afraid of! Because there truly isn’t.

Fears, like asking for a raise, buying a stock for the first time, or starting a new business, all have the massive potential of positive outcomes. These are the types of fears that we need to overcome.

This false fear is holding you back from everything you want in life. Keep practicing that vision, believe it, and eventually it will be your reality.


How ridiculous it is that we are stopping all of our greatness inside of us because of a feeling we are manifesting that isn't real. 

Liz Lima Venus Warrior

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