Thank You For Voting!

Good Morning Venus Warrior!

Thank you for going out to vote yesterday. As I get older it dawned on me how much I DIDN'T know what our women warriors had been through in the years past.

The Woman's suffrage movement began in 1848 when a woman’s rights convention was held in Seneca Falls, New York.

Elizabeth Stanton and Lucretia Mott declared that the vote was a women's basic right and the means of gaining other rights. 

Elizabeth Stanton finally met Susan B. Anthony. and became the driving force in a SEVENTY-TWO-year struggle for woman suffrage.

You read that correctly, 72 YEARS these women fought for our right to have a voice and power to change the world. 

And so many take this for granted. 

Warriors, if we do not band together and make Venus Warriors the next movement, I do not know what the state of this world will be. 

We need it especially NOW with the #metoo movement. 

We cannot stay silent. We are destined for more and the western world will be saved by a woman. 

Join me in this movement. The world is depending on us. 

Let's go! 

Liz Lima

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