What Do You Value

What Do You Value

There is something that we are all guilty of.

We are always in this pursuit of happiness. And it always happens. We end up taking a wrong turn.

Happiness is your ultimate goal, isn't it? Unfortunately, many of us fail in this chase. We get caught up in life, we start to stumble and then wonder how it all went wrong.

Here is where it all goes wrong.

What do you value?

Have you ever asked yourself this question? What do you value? Your answer probably involves some material items, your career, and your paycheck. Yet, you can find more happiness in spending time doing things you love, hanging out with your loved ones, and just being. So, how is it that we get so off course?

It’s simple.

We become obsessed with achieving and we chase these things telling ourselves it's for our loved ones, it's to make a better life for them. In reality, what makes life worth living is finding meaning and latching on to it.

So, What Do You Value?

So, you’re thinking “the pursuit of happiness has left me feeling drained and unhappy. How the hell can I change that?”

Life is a journey, so answer this question. Would you go on a long journey without knowing your destination?

No, you need to know all about your destination, and you would more than likely want to know about the journey, too. So, why are we so damn 'content' to lead a life with absolute zero direction?

Finding meaning isn't just about you. Self-care is an important aspect of a meaningful life, but so is giving back, whether it's to your friends, your community or the environment. To find meaning sometimes it's important to look outwardly as well as inwardly. How do you feel when you think about giving back to others? I’m sure it makes you happy within.

Living a meaningful life may mean being remembered – or it may be simply touching those around you while you are here. Finding meaning gives you a purpose to go on, no matter what is going on in your life and around you.

Finding Meaning

You shouldn't dismiss anything when you are looking to find meaning in your life – you should be prepared to be flexible and open-minded. You will have more than one core value and there's a good chance your life has multiple purposes.

Here are some examples, you may want to be an amazing spouse, a wonderful friend, a great parent, an incredible teacher, businessperson, or writer. Whatever it is, you will have more than one value that gives you meaning. Each of those can provide you with the sense of fulfillment that you are looking for.

It’s important to understand that your meaning can change. You will change as a person over time so it's only natural that your core values may also. So, what aspects of your life are the most important to you right now?

Score these from zero to five (zero being unimportant and five being incredibly important).

  • Personal relationships (this includes parents, siblings, partner, children, and friends)

  • Career

  • Animals

  • Nature

  • Education/Achievement

  • Healthy living

  • The Environment

  • Helping others

  • Hobbies

  • Spirituality

If you see fives on that list, then you know those are the things that are most important to you. Now that you have an idea behind what truly drives you, you can look to make changes in your life that will allow you to shift your focus to them.

You don't need to be the governor, fight crime, or be a revolutionary to live a life full of meaning. You can find meaning in the small things and embrace everything that life has to offer.

Happiness need not be as intangible as you think.


You must look within for value but must look beyond for perspective.  - Denis Waitley 

Liz Lima Venus Warrior

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