Healthy and Effective Ways To Deal With Life's Transitions

Healthy and Effective Ways To Deal With Life’s Transitions

The only thing certain in life? Things will change. Whether you’re moving, getting a new job, changing schools, having a new baby, watching your babies leave for college, or retiring, life’s transitions are all around you.

Some of them you handle easily, and it seems they aren’t transitions at all. But there are others that hit you hard and catches you off guard, and you may find that it’s difficult and terrifying to deal with.

If you’re currently going through a transition in life that is difficult or has you stressed out, don’t worry you’re not alone. Many people experience transitional stress during some point in their life. There are plenty ways of coping and healthy ways that you can deal with life’s transitions. Here are several of them that you can incorporate into your life to help you deal with whatever transition you may be going through.

Don’t Expect Sunshine and Roses

This may sound like silly advice. However, if you’re going through a negative transition like a loss of a job or relationship, you should expect negative emotions. Psychology Today says that planning for emotions like depression and anxiety can help you deal with them in the long term. Acting like they are not going to happen, will leave you unprepared for handling these intense emotions.

Become Knowledgeable

One of the worst things that can happen to you when going through a transition is not understanding the facts about your circumstances. That’s why the Huffington Post recommends that you get as much information as you can about the situation. No matter what changes you are going through, doing the research, and knowing the possibilities for your situation will help you feel less “in the dark.” Knowing what to expect and what is unlikely will help quell your fears and anxieties.

Learn to Let Go

Many people are simply afraid to change because they are afraid of the unknown. Healthy Psychology recommends embracing the change and letting go of your fear. Holding on to fear does nothing to help you cope with the transition and may even make the transitional process harder. Try positive visualizations to help you let go of your fear associated with the transition.

Try to Stay Flexible

When dealing with a transition, rigidity can mean intense difficulty. This can be rigid mentality in dealing with the people or adjusting to new schedules. Flexibility allows you to adapt to the transition easily because you have more patience with both yourself and the people around you. Remember you are not the only one going through the transition. If you’re entering a new job, new relationship, leaving the job or leaving a relationship, there are new experiences for everyone involved. Having a little flexibility and forgiveness can help everyone involved stay positive and get through the transition easily.

Everyone goes through transitions in life. Not all transitions are bad and they can even be positive experiences. Making them healthy should always be a priority.


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