How Other People’s Motivation Can Strengthen Belief in Yourself

How Other People’s Motivation Can Strengthen Belief in Yourself

Was there ever a time that you were inspired by someone?

If yes, that motivation of others can strengthen how you see yourself.

I’m sure you have read biographies and autobiographies of some people you admired. Often these books show you what they had to go through to become successful. They write about the pain and struggles they had to endure and all the challenges they faced to achieve their goals.

Usually the stories will shock you. It’s hard to believe that these famous people, who are people just like you and me, ever had to deal with harsh situations. It’s great to have others who help motivate you. But, if you place them too high on a pedestal, you may find it tough to motivate yourself. You start to believe these people have an innate ability that you don’t have.

That is counterproductive. You need to realize they all started just like you. Some may have had initial advantages, but even people with these advantages don’t always do right with them. Most people still need to work hard to reach their goals.

Another issue is spending too much time listening to or reading about people who motivate you. At some point, you have to take action to get going with your own goals. 

It is useful to feed off the motivation of others, but you need to do more than going to seminars or reading books. None of that matters unless you put in the effort yourself. Once that happens, others may be coming to you one day saying how you helped motivate them.


Let today be the day you give up who you’ve been for who you can become - Hal Elrod  

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