Top Three Communication Skills for Living a Guilt-Free Life

Top Three Communication Skills for Living a Guilt-Free Life

There is nothing more fulfilling than living a life that is free from guilt and blame. Operating in your strengths and living your best life emotionally is rewarding and makes leadership and teamwork easier. Friendships are richer and family bonds feel unbreakable!

The easiest way to live a guilt-free life is through mastering communication skills. We are all going to mess up. Sometimes we just do or say the wrong thing or let people down. There is no avoiding falling short at some point. Everyone makes mistakes, and no one is exempt from dropping the ball.

Having excellent communication skills is a great intervention when things go wrong. Being able to communicate facts and emotions clearly with no hidden agendas or ulterior motives is best practice.

Here are the top three communication skills that help maintain a guilt-free lifestyle: 

Be honest 

Being honest from the beginning is the best way to keep communication clear and open. Honesty doesn’t mean being blunt or overbearing. Communicating information - both easy and difficult to hear - in an honest way can be done delicately if needed. Being committed to being honest to preserve the integrity of a relationship is a win-win. The commitment to honesty makes it easy to tackle tough topics and rise up if something difficult comes up.

Use active listening 

(You have two ears and one mouth)…Active listening is a technique where the listener rephrases what they heard and confirms that what was heard was the intent being said. Active listening is an excellent way to speak and be heard clearly. Active listening allows for the conversation to be clarified and if needed, re-framed. Using active listening decreases misunderstandings and leaves little chance for hurt feelings.

Operating in good faith 

Being in relationships with others with sincere motives and judg​​​​ment-free thinking is a mature communication style. Operating in good faith removes game playing and puts understanding and being understood front and center. Coming into an agreement that all parties will operate in good faith increases trust. Being committed to the good vibe of communicating makes it easier to be up front, to the point, and clear. Knowing that everyone involved wants what is best for all puts the emphasis where it should be when sharing information.

Removing the odds that guilt will creep into your relationships makes it more likely that you will not have to worry about guilt being a factor. Using high-quality communication techniques reduces the chances of poor communication and makes living a guilt-free lifestyle purposeful and possible.


No one can send you on a guilt trip without your permission – Julie Hanks  

Liz Lima - Venus Warriors

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