Challenge – Find Something Random In Your Life To Be Grateful For

This past week I’ve been writing about gratitude and how you can start your gratitude journal and try some meditation and affirmations.

Think this won’t work for you? Fine, if you’re competitive like me I challenge you!

Today only, find one thing that is completely random in your life to be thankful for. Keep reading, I will explain:

What to Look For

Even if it is a miserable, crappy day, it is easy to find something to be grateful for, if you at least try. Is there anything in your daily routine that inspires you? Maybe that house you live in that is giving you shelter is a good start. Maybe just waking up on the right side of the grass is good (aka you’re alive!). Find one thing and focus on that.

What To Expect

Real-talk time. Taking one minute to notice that one small thing you’re grateful for in your day isn’t going to be life shattering. BUT, it starts moving you in the right direction. And seriously, this is true when you’re going through a tough time. One tiny step, even just recognizing something that you’re grateful for can be quite meaningful. Remember, your thoughts influence your feelings and your behavior.

Future Payoff

Sometimes all it takes is one small step to cause major changes. Every habit starts with one small step. Taking a second to be grateful for just one thing in your life today can improve your mood, even just a little bit. You may feel like a weight is lifted or that some of your anxiety has dropped. Hold on to that feeling. Did your view improve after reflecting on gratitude just once today? This lift in your mood can lead you to feeling better, which then influences your actions in a positive way.

You might just notice it’s a bit easier to find that one thing to be grateful for tomorrow! (maybe, just maybe…)

Try it. Find one tiny spark to light the flame of gratitude today.

Be intentional in noticing the effect it has on you.

You may find it’s simpler and more rewarding than you realized to begin your gratitude practice.


What if you didn’t wake up tomorrow. How did that thought feel? Then you must be at least grateful that you are alive today… - Liz Lima 

Liz Lima - Venus Warriors

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