Focus and Action Go Hand in Hand

What good is having focus if you don’t take any action? Or, if you take action without some focus, how do you know you’re doing the right things? So, focus and action go hand in hand.

The concepts support each other. Let’s say you decide that you need to increase sales, or be more productive in your business, or any other goal. You plan out the steps and use that to set your focus. Then, when you execute the plan by acting, you learn that your focus was right. Or, you will learn that it didn’t work out for whatever reason and you need to consider other plans.

The last sentence of the previous paragraph is important. Not everything you plan will work out and you need to keep that in mind! If you find something isn’t working, and you don’t believe it’s going to get better, don’t hesitate to find something else. If not, the focus-action loop will get stale, and you will get frustrated. This is a negative reinforcement that will only serve to help you fail.

Failure is part of the process. Your actions should be constant with measurements of what is happening. It can’t hurt to have other plans ready at the beginning of the cycle if that’s possible. If not, just determine the alternatives when they make sense.

When you keep going this way, you’ll find your focus is more intense. This is because you believe the actions you take will lead you to the results you want and you’ll shift your focus if it doesn’t.

When you approach your goals this way, you will excel at your job or your business. You'll have a new sense of purpose, and your business will take off!


What you focus on you find - Rod Hairston 

Liz Lima - Venus Warriors

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