Day 4 Why Resolutions Suck and Don’t Work

I briefly talked about the reasons why we make resolutions. These promises are powerful motivators in helping us to move forward in our lives. They give you a sense of a purpose. But they also tend to fail. I’m positive you've made resolutions, probably for the new year, which has failed to stick. Don’t worry. you're not the only one. Maybe if we can understand why these resolutions often don't work, we can find a way to make our next one become more successful!

You Take on Too Much

What? Don’t believe me? One common mistake when making resolutions is to choose a bunch of things you want to change RIGHT NOW. Your brain can only handle so many things at once. It's not possible to focus on making too many changes. Choose one or two resolutions and make only ONE a priority. Also, know that these changes won't happen overnight. It may take at least a month of effort to make something become a habit. So, progress will happen in small steps, rather than in one glorious transformation. Realize that taking baby steps to instill new habits will be a way more effective approach than expecting to change a long-ingrained behavior instantly.

You Were Too Vague

"I'm going to lose weight this year.” How many times have you said these words? How many times have you been successful in losing a significant amount of weight or even changing your health? I'm not condemning you. I've been there, believe me! The problem isn't that you have no willpower. It's that the intention is too vague. A defined resolution should specify aspects such as the number of pounds you'd want to lose and a time frame. And, your plan should include benchmarks for measuring your progress. I will define this in more detail later in our challenge.

You Lacked Focus

Without focus on your resolution, it's bound to fail. "Out of sight, out of mind," Being busy with day to day tasks, poor time management, daily stressors and other distractions will rob your attention from your important goals. Deciding to prioritize your resolution and planning to keep it at the front of your mind will go far toward making it a reality! There are tons of other potential reasons your past resolutions may have failed (like the story you are telling yourself daily in your mind). I don't want to dwell on the negative. Simply understanding these common mistakes will help you to move past them in setting new goals that you will accomplish.

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