Day 8 How Habits and Routines Can Help You Stick to Your Resolutions

Willpower will only work for so long and it only takes you so far. When willpower is gone that’s when habits and routines help you stick to the changes you’re making. This is why it’s CRUCIAL to change your mindset when it comes to resolutions. Instead of seeing this time as making a big change, look at it as adding new habits to your routine. Once it becomes a regular practice, it's much easier to continue doing it. With repetition comes real change. Let's look at how habits and routines can help you stick to your resolutions.

Make It Automatic

The biggest advantage with focusing on making habits instead of just setting a resolution is that habits become automatic once they're practiced enough. If you make a plan and set a goal to add something like going to the gym three times a week to your life, it will likely become something you no longer have to think about. Your body will crave that workout time, and you'll miss it if you skip a day.

Improve Decision-Making

When you start to implement habits and routines, you're making things a lot easier for your brain. You don't have to stress out about making decisions because you'll already know what you're planning to do. Habits follow a similar pattern each time. It's comforting to rely on that and to know that you won't have to struggle so much to make the decision that's right for you.

Increased Pride

Once the small changes you're putting in place become part of your routine, you'll begin to complete them with ease. Before these things became a habit, they probably seemed intimidating or out-of-reach. Now that you're accomplishing them on a regular basis, you can definitely feel proud of yourself. That sense of accomplishment and pride will help carry you through to the next goal.

Gain Willpower

Willpower is this concept that allows you to overcome temptation and stick with your resolutions even when they're hard. Once you start turning small changes into habits, you'll start to notice you experience less resistance to actually doing these new things. When you're faced with temptation like that birthday cake at the office, it will be easier to decline because you've gotten used to eating less sugar. So, no, willpower alone isn't enough to overcome temptation. But, combine willpower with your new habits, your willpower will definitely be increased.

These are some of the ways that habits and routines can help to boost the potential of your resolutions being successful. Hopefully, you now see the benefits of adding strategic, small changes to your life so that they can become automatic. Each small step leads to that big transformation.

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