Day 10 Motivation Is Key- Keeping Your “Why” Front and Center

I briefly spoke about the concept of knowing your “Why” when it comes to goal setting and “resolutions”. This idea is the reason you want to accomplish a certain thing, to begin with. It's the purpose that will drive you to achieve it, during the good times and the bad. Especially during a struggle, keeping your “Why” front and center will provide you with the motivation you need to keep going when what you really want to do is give up. Let me go in deeper about what the “Why” means and its importance so you can return to this important concept again and again when you need it most.

About Your “Why”

Your “Why” should be extremely personal to you. It's the reason why you, specifically, wish to accomplish a goal. It's imperative that this reason be meaningful to you, rather than something pushed on you by an outside force. What someone else wants for you or what you think you should want isn’t significant enough to sustain your “Why”. This “Why” needs to be something that can outlast any challenges.

For example, deciding to lose weight is something most of us have declared as a resolution. If we want to be successful, we need to understand just why it's important to us. Reminding yourself regularly that your independence, your energy levels, and your loved ones are the reasons you want to shed pounds will keep you going during the hard times.

Finding Your “Why”

Finding your “Why” is an activity that will take some time and dedication. Set aside a quiet moment for this exercise. Return to it if necessary. This isn't something that must happen all at once. To begin, start with only one goal. Write it down. Make sure it's measurable and that it has an endpoint. Next, brainstorm your motivations for wanting to achieve that goal. Write them down. Try to come up with at least three strong reasons why this accomplishment is important to you. Decide which of the items on your list resonate the most with you. 

Revise your reasons so that they’re in order of importance. You can then set the list aside. Make sure it’s accessible. You’ll need to return to it again and again when you find yourself struggling.

Keeping It Central

We both know that we're more likely to fail when the important things begin to slip our mind. That's why it's so important to keep your “Why” at the front of your “resolutions”. There are lots of little tricks you can use to make it easier to remember your “Why”. If you enjoy writing, keep a journal. Write down your personal reasons for wanting a dream to come true. Imagine what it will be like when you achieve your goal. Place post-it notes where you can see them, as visual reminders of that thing you want most. 

Spend time with like-minded folks who are trying to achieve the same thing. You can motivate each other and hold yourselves accountable to one another.

You now know more about what the purpose of understanding your “Why” is. I hope you're ready to declare your very own “Why” and to use it to guide your “resolutions”.

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