Day 12 A Journal Can Be a Powerful Tool for Goals and “Resolutions”

When it comes to keeping your “resolutions” and achieving your goals, sometimes you must have a few tricks ready. The work of day to day life can sometimes threaten to push the milestones you've set for yourself to the back seat. It's easy to forget your purpose. Anything that can keep your objective at the front of your mind is a good thing. For those who like to write, a journal can be a powerful tool for goals and “resolutions”. In today's post, I want to show you how it works, and the benefits journaling can have on your progress.

Your Journal

Your journal can be any tool where you can record your thoughts. You might want to do this electronically on your computer or even by using an app or a website that lets you keep your thoughts in one easy-to-find place. A lot of people use technology because it’s so incorporated it into other areas of our lives. It's also easy to pull up. Others like to use the traditional paper method of journal keeping. Writing with a pen and paper can be a therapeutic act in and of itself. It doesn't matter what type of journal you choose, as long as you are comfortable with it.

The Purpose

The reason behind journaling is simple: It allows you to bring your thoughts to the front of your mind and to keep your reasons or your “Why” behind your “resolutions” close at hand. Writing down your feelings with respect to your goals helps you to sort things out. You can read back over your words and discover patterns or motivations. This resource also provides you with a tangible record. This is useful in tracking your progress, also in holding yourself accountable, providing motivation and making sense of your thoughts. There are loads of benefits to keeping a journal in conjunction with your goals and “resolutions”.

The Process

Journaling is an activity that should be ongoing. Make it a part of your regular routine so you can get the most out of this activity. Writing sporadically can be beneficial in getting your thoughts out of your head but having only a handful of entries doesn't give you the full benefit of noting patterns and making other discoveries. Create a time to write in your journal. Add it to your calendar so you won't forget. 

Many people like to write in the morning so that they can plan their day and set the mood for what's to come. Maybe nighttime writing might work better for you to process all that's happened throughout the previous hours. Whatever you do, set a pattern and make it a habit. Also, think about setting up an environment that's relaxing and that signals to your brain it's time to write. Perhaps sitting in a window nook with a cup of tea might be nice or enjoying the morning quiet at the dining room table before the rest of the house wakes up is your thing.

No matter how you decide to journal, just give it a try. Your process should be personal and meaningful to you. You'll discover some incredibly powerful benefits to journaling your “resolutions” and goals.

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