Day 15 Break It Down: From Resolution to Daily Tasks

In my last post, I talked about the idea of taking small steps each day toward achieving your goal. The thought of this may seem to be taking the idea of baby steps a bit far or to be kind of silly. But, doing little daily tasks into your routine can have a really big impact on your achievements in life. It's worth giving it a try. Join me as we look at ways to break it down and go from resolution to daily tasks. I promise you this is worth a shot and can make any obstacle seem easier to tackle.

Go for Tiny

Even the smallest actions can move you closer to your goal. Just ask the researcher, BJ Fogg, who created a movement based on just that concept. Tiny Habits is a worldwide phenomenon based on Fogg's own research that has helped thousands of people to achieve their goals by starting out in the absolute smallest of ways. The research and noted experience of participants has shown that such actions truly do have an impact and can take you to places you may never have dreamed possible.

Make a List

To get started, begin by brainstorming a list of all the little things you can think of that might help you to reach your bigger, main resolution. If we're talking about writing that book, jot down small steps like generating five ideas for character names, free writing a plot summary for a half hour or outlining potential chapter titles. These are all very doable actions that are necessary for the process of writing a book. Doing one each day will move you closer to attaining that once-unattainable goal of becoming an author.

Set It in Stone

Once you've written your list, begin to put it in an order that makes sense. Then take your tentative outline and transfer it to your daily agenda. The point is to set your action plan for each day so that you're continually moving forward and making small-step progress toward your bigger goal.

Review It

Notice that I used the word "tentative' when I said transferring your outline to a daily planner. That's because sometimes we need to tweak our goals a bit. You'll want to check your progress occasionally to make sure you're on track. You may find that some of your tiny action steps are redundant or not very efficient. If so, remove them from your calendar and replace them with tasks that make more sense for where you are at that moment.

See how much sense breaking it down into daily tasks makes? You honestly can accomplish giant things through tiny steps. Give it a try and see for yourself.

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