Day 16 Stay Motivated – Look How Far You’ve Come!

Sometimes your goals and “resolutions” can get hard, but to keep moving forward you only need a little bit of motivation. You can keep your levels of motivation up in a few ways. Motivating yourself can be as simple as tricking your brain into seeing things in a new light. One of the best ways to gain a new perspective is to examine your past. Some believe the past is best left in the past, but taking a look back can be extremely useful when you purposefully pull out the good things. Let me show you how you can stay motivated by looking at how far you've come.

Study Your Past

You can start by looking at the goal or “resolution” you're currently following to find examples of times you've moved forward along this path. For example, you hit a plateau in your weight loss: look back on the ways you've succeed on your journey so far. Remind yourself of these weight loss accomplishments! This can give you the tenacity to tackle the obstacle you're up against right now. If you're finding this method difficult because you are just starting out and don't have successes to pull from about your newest goal, you need to take a different approach. Find other areas in your life in which you've had success and have overcome difficulties. 

While that time may not be the same as this current challenge, this kind of self-inspection lets you know that you have done hard things before. It gives you the confidence to know you can do them again.

Write It Down

Once you've started thinking of the times in where you've been successful in the past, write them down! This is evidence you can return to during tough times. Document the past victories related to your current goal, but also choose other accomplishments of which you're especially proud. You might even want to add photos of certificates and awards or copies of positive employment reviews and congratulatory notes from colleagues. These can be an amazing addition to your file of visual reminders. Don't stop there. If you want to keep the motivation going and continue to see the worth in your current mission, it's a good idea to keep a weekly record of small things you do well. 

Include tasks you accomplish for work, small victories in your personal life or projects you've taken care of around the house. Doing so can be a powerful confidence booster for when you're not feeling that great about your potential.

Make a Plan

Finally, you will want to use the evidence you collect as a resource for planning to attack your current struggle. Going back to our weight loss plateau example, you could review the goals you've accomplished already on the road to becoming more fit. Write down the tangible steps you took to get there and then take it farther by making a list of the types of personal strengths you utilized to make those goals a reality. Do the same thing by examining an unrelated accomplishment if you don't have anything relevant to the immediate task at hand. Then brainstorm ways you can use those qualities to move past this slump. 

You may have discovered that it was your sheer stubbornness that helped you lose those first 10 pounds. Some may see being stubborn as a negative, but that's not necessarily so in this case. Don't be afraid to delve deep within and to be honest about what you find. Use those discoveries to your advantage to move past your roadblock.

I hope you have an idea of how you can use past accomplishments to keep you motivated toward your goal or resolution. I've always found this to be a really empowering way to get back on track.

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