Day 21 “Resolutions” Change Over Time and That’s OK!

How many times have you hear “never give up!”? Maybe it was your parents or teachers and coaches that encouraged you not to quit and to go after what you want until you get it. It’s good to be persistent and reaching a goal takes follow-through, this all or nothing type of advice can have its drawbacks. Sometimes our goals no longer fit us for whatever reason and continuing to chase them can have lots of negative results. See why it's okay that your “resolutions” change over time and how to handle it when they do. Enter your text here...

Be Flexible

Yes, it's important to go into setting “resolutions” with a flexible mindset. But understand that there may be a chance you may find the thing you resolve to do now may not best the best thing for you three months from now. Your life and your needs evolve. And since you evolve, so should your “resolutions”. Sometimes you may even choose the wrong goal. This could happen because of comparison syndrome, peer pressure, skewed expectations or just poor timing. Knowing that goals aren't set in stone will allow you to revise them as needed to serve you well.

Review and Assess

Next, remember to review your resolution regularly, especially if something doesn't feel right. We all hit some tough spots while pursuing a goal. It can be hard to overcome a plateau or to motivate yourself to move past the challenging parts. But, if a pursuit starts to feel like it doesn't fit your lifestyle or your interests, maybe it's not the right place to focus your attention. Take some time to assess your objectives if something feels off. Listen to your gut! It's also smart to schedule periodic check-ins on a regular basis to be sure you're on track and to look at whether certain tweaks can be made to help make your journey an even more productive one. Remember don’t forget to measure!

Make Some Revisions

Those tweaks can make a huge. Maybe your goal is to write a book. Possibly you've established a realistic timeline for completing each step. That's a great start! It's possible you may see you're actually ahead of the game or you’re going off course when you sit down to assess your progress. If you find yourself way ahead, this might mean you can add some extra steps to make your book even better. If you find that you've veered off track, now is the time to brainstorm ways to bring your goal back on course so you can maintain your productivity and motivation.

You might even find that you want to revise that goal a bit or change it completely. Maybe you realize at this point that you're really not passionate about your goal/ “resolution”. It might not make sense to pour your energy and resources into something your heart's no longer feeling. Maybe it's time to choose another topic or to let that idea simmer for a while.

There's no harm in admitting that a resolution is no longer serving you, as long as you're being honest with yourself. Giving up just because it's the path of least resistance is NOT the answer. After some soul-searching, it's possible you'll come to know that allowing your resolution to change might be your best solution.

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