Day 23 Success Tip: Keep a Habit Tracker

Have you ever heard of a habit tracker? This the concept has been around for ages, but it seems it's recently gaining traction again with people who are trying to stay on track with making positive changes. There are tons of types of trackers, but the point of these tools is the same. They provide a place for you to record the habits you're currently working on and to keep track of your day to day progress toward making those new routines stick! Tracking your wanted activities can ensure you are completing them. And as I have mentioned so many times before, with repetition, these new habits will soon become automatic actions you don't even have to think about. Let me share with you more about what this useful resource is and just how to keep a habit tracker.

About Habit Trackers

Your habit tracker can be in paper form, online or in an app. The format you select is up to you. It should fit your preferences and your lifestyle. Whatever format you believe you will use! Many people like to create their own system in a journal so that they can customize the setup and use their creativity. This may be perfect for you, especially if you rather use a pen and paper to record your thoughts. If you're someone who enjoys organization, you may want to use a spreadsheet to keep track of things. You can use any Cloud server to access an electronic file over multiple platforms. Or you can use the app “Commit-to 3”. I love this habit tracker. You can even make teams, so you are held accountable with your new habits!

Using Your Tracker

If you're making your own habit tracker on paper, structure the format any way you want. But I can give you some general strategies to get you started. Add the month and the year at the top of your page as your title. Your top row of content could contain a space for each day of the month. Down the side of the page is where you should list each task (new habit) you plan to track. You can even color code your tasks to help in the organizing process or use stickers to add importance to specific milestones. Making your own habit keeping system can be fun and unique. If you go with a digital system, you will follow the guidelines already in place with your program. Experiment with different ones to see which you like the best.

Tips for Tracking

Make sure not to attempt to track too many habits at once! As I’ve mentioned, it will become overwhelming to try to manage too many changes at once. The key to forming habits that become automatic is repetition. You'll be more likely to adopt a new task into your routine if you can do it every day. Keeping your new habits to a manageable number can improve your odds of doing this. Keep going for at least a month before changing habits or adding a new one. This is a good amount of time to let your new routine sink in. Another tip is to do each habit at the same time each day. This will cause new neural pathways to form in your brain that make the action begin to seem easier. Add triggers like as an alarm or action like getting out of bed to help remind you.

A habit tracker can be your new best friend on your journey to keeping your resolution. Give this method a try if you want your new activities to become fixed into your routine and to have a record of your progress.

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