Day 24 The Importance of Your “Why”

In today's post, I want to go back to the concept of you're “Why”. If you remember, your “Why” is basically your reason for pursuing a goal or resolution in the first place. It's the underlying factor that guides your actions. That's why it's so important to understand it! Sometimes you think you understand your reasoning for wanting something, and you don't ever question or examine it. You must truly get up close and personal with your purpose if you truly want to succeed at something. Let me explain that further and explain the importance of your “Why”.

More About Your “Why”

Your “Why” tells you what's really important to you. It lets you rank your goals and helps to ensure you're not going after something that isn't what you truly want. Without knowing your “Why”, it's easy to chase a dream that doesn't even suit you. I use the word "purpose" interchangeably with the idea of “Why”. That's because I think your “Why” honestly should be the purpose behind everything you do! Having a goal without fully understanding your “Why” is setting yourself up for a hard journey, and failure.

The Importance of Your “Why”

The why of your resolution is important for several reasons. It gives you a better understanding of yourself. To fully understand why you are doing something requires self-examination. This may scare you, but I promise you it's worth it for the results it brings. Knowing your “Why” gives you a guide to follow. Without it, you're lost and are moving toward what you hope is the right destination. That's no way to get what you want. If you find yourself too lost on your journey, there's a good chance you'll never get where you want to be. Having a detailed understanding of your “Why” is one of the best motivators around. You can pull it out when times are the hardest. Because it's such a deeply personal aspect based on your core values, your “Why” should resonate with you strongly enough to move you past the challenges. 

Tips for Finding Your Why

Finding your why basically boils down to asking yourself a lot of questions. I mentioned this before in my Facebook Live on 1/3/2019. The answers will help you to determine whether the goal or “resolution” you have thoroughly resonates with you or if you should either tweak it a bit or scrap it entirely. Grab a pen and paper to take notes as you evaluate each goal. Write down the reasons this particular target is important to you. If you have to struggle, chances are this aspiration isn't an authentic fit and will be difficult to achieve. Next, write down how you will feel or what you will gain from achieving this goal. Finally, just ask yourself if reaching this milestone will make you happy. You'll learn a lot from that question alone.

You can probably tell I'm extremely passionate about the concept of “Why” in goal setting. I highly recommend you get in touch with your own purpose in pursuing the goals you choose as we continue in this process. You're likely to discover so much.

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