Is it Time to Think about Reinvention

In 1991, Reba McEntire had a hit song Is There Life Out There? This song immediately became an anthem for women all over the world who didn’t want to leave the life they had - married, children, and all that comes with it - but they wanted to know if there truly was something outside of their family and their home!

The lyrics go like this:

She married when she was twenty

She thought she was ready

Now she's not so sure

She thought she'd done some living

But now she's just wonderin'

What she's living for

Now she's feeling that there's something more

Is there life out there?

So much she hasn't done

Is there life beyond?

Her family and her home

She's done what she should

Should she do what she dares?

She doesn't want to leave

She's just wonderin’

Is there life out there?

Ugh, does that kick you in the gut??

Can you relate?

Do you ever have the thoughts of “what if”, “what could have been”, “should I have”.

Or maybe you have this feeling that you just can’t describe. A feeling of lack? Lost? There must be more? Or longing for something you know will make your life complete.

Well then, Venus Warrior, it’s time to think about reinvention.

Reinvention isn’t something to feel guilty about or set you into a depression.

Reinvention is the letting go of what isn’t working and saying HELLO! to every option in the universe.

Reinvention doesn’t need changing the things you love; it calls for changing whatever doesn’t serve you any more or beginning new things that express who you are now.

It’s time to think about reinvention when:

●      Your heart has a longing for something new

●      You know that you need to start or stop a behavior for your own good

●      Your life shifts through a divorce, empty nester, lay-off, health issue, etc.

●      You find a new determination towards a purpose

No matter what it is that sparks your reinvention, the key is to embrace it! Get started towards the changes you want! You deserve all good things, and nothing must stay the same. You can make dramatic changes in your life without threatening the most important things - family, friendships, and community.


You don’t have to give up everything to be who you were meant to be. - Liz Lima 

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