Introduction To Venus Warriors | Episode #1

Episode #1 – Introduction To Venus Warriors

Liz Lima: This is Venus Warriors. Tininadaaaa...episode 1. It's so great to have you guys here. Thank you so much for joining me, I know its hard to pick a podcast because there's thousands and millions podcast out there. My name is Liz Lima and I am a venus warrior. This is our very first episode so I want it to tell you wha..what the heck is venus warrior and Disclaimer their may...their maybe sample guarantee at some points. So, moms headbuds in and bluetooth maybe have the kids put the some mere muffs on. So what is a venus warrior? 

This is a tribe of women that you probably have no idea what I am talking about. So Venus warriors is a group of empowered women that you probably never heard of we have been hell and back, from being independent women to becoming spouses and bearing childen all.. while holding a career and balancing a household. We do not have luxury of excess time, but we never bitch in mown and manage to accomplish a whole hell of out more than most people. We are bringing back the fire and desire that bearing within to take our identities back, and declare who we meant to be. We do not believe in sacrificing our callings in life to be the best mothers to our children. 

For those who don’t know their calling, they will discover it along this journey. We believe in triumph in any field while being the adored super mom. We are beautiful and we have strength of a warrior, We are venus warriors. So, that’s what we are. It is a tribe of women that I have been creating a long time not really on online world so much. I’ve been doing this a long time because of my personal journey and no one really likes hear people talked about themselves but, maybe if you know what I’ve gone through, you possibly have gone through the same thing, and so we become totally be friends. So, my journey never really was an out -going person, always wanted to please everyone else.

I always felt that.. with my friends, I said “Oh yeah, whatever you wanna do” and I was so lay back and all of that. I am an only child, I am the only child of amazing Portuguese parents from the island azores, if you never heard of it you should looked it up because they are gorgeous, and I was brought up in a Portuguese box. My mother had 9 miscarriages and so to say they were protective is understatement. I went on to college, thought I was going to be a veterinarian and quickly got sad on a face on weightless. So, I felt I was going through a cuddle life crisis; I was 25 and felt I had to do something, so I went on and got my masters because I wanted to “save the world”. I wanted to cure everything from cancer to lime diseases to the common cold and along that journey, I gained a lot of weight. And don’t worry this is not going to be this massive weight loss blog, podcast, etc. but it prove the point to me, it made me feel even more self-conscious about myself and it didn’t help that I was already a really uh internal person at that time. So, I gained all this weight and I was in relationship that fell apart I went to grad school and still very heavy, and even more self-conscious about myself, pretty deep depression and all of that. So, we broke up that relationship and I and uh.. I.. I probably was the deepest of the deep holes ever ha at that time.

That‘s when I really just said enough. Enough was enough, when I said enough was enough, I went through this transformation. Not just physically.. right, not only changed my lifestyle and all of that blah blah blah and everyone talks about that stuff, but really was this massive transformation of inside, its internal, its everything that is going on in your soul and your head and, that’s where my transformation came from. So, as I decided no more, I’m going to lose 70 pounds which I deed. So, I lost 70 pounds, I.. then tried out a professional ah.. chilling football team and I got cuts it around, but it’s okay, don’t feel sad for me, I’m over it. And then I went on to fitness competition which was the most amazing and growling time of my life. Those women and men massive props and I’m still good friends with a lot of them, that was years ago. And, and it was
good time of life, because that’s when I able to put my science, background and research and education and I applied it to nutrition it was just amazing I went headed on my nutrition ah.. education but the point of this story is that I reach such a low that, I felt like I was worthless while I was alive, I have no point and transformation was not just the weigh but it was being able to shut that eagle up and side and shut up the voice and say “knock it off. Let’s go” and I cut all the negativity out.

I ‘m human of course, things happen in and there, but that is the transformation, that’s the transformation I wanted to talk about, is because after my transformation all of my friends, Mostly female, are gonna asked you “Oh my God Liz! How did you do it?” How did you do it?! Right. Because we, we asked each other this things, if you, if one of your friends went through this transformation you gonna asked her how she did it, and that’s when I start noticing that overtime it was more, of uh.. I wanted empower them to do it, because I think, a lot of times we loose that light inside, we loose the sense of I can do anything and that’s really sad. That’s really sad especially for moms, professional moms, any mom, that has this amazing children, and you cannot loose yourself because they need to look up to you. You need to be the example for them. And, so that was it! I mean all through life I start noticing that when I would have conversations with people, I would be like, “wait! Whu..whu.. why did you think you cannot do that? Of course you can do that. Why wouldn’t you be able to?”.

The best is when, a very good friend of mine.. who is now a professor and she said to me “you know everywhere we go, you just exude this charisma ha..” and he talked everyone. I really like just add a little fire on their ass because you can do so much and your .. you are holding yourself back . not everybody else not this situation, is what you are doing. So, that’s the podcast all gonna be about, its gonna be about, how you can achieve what you want in life?; figure out , What is this you want you want to achieve in life, maybe there will be some fun mom jokes else somewhere uhmm. But Yeah ! this is episode1 thanks for listening and hopefully you come back for the next one.


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