3 Steps To Stop Worrying And Start Living | Episode #2

Episode #2 | 3 Steps to Stop Worrying and Start Living!

3 Steps To Stop Worrying And Start Living | Episode #2

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Worry can and will truly suck the joy out of any situation. Worrying - especially worrying about things we cannot control - is a negative feedback loop that just keeps going lower and lower until we’re stuck in a hole that we feel we just can’t get back out of.

But what’s the solution? We can’t just stop worrying, can we?

Worrying is a choice that you make, and there are those that do, in fact, learn to stop worrying. But it’s not an all-or-nothing suggestion! Here are three steps that you can take starting right now to help you lessen the time you spend worrying so that you can spend that time living your life!

1.     One of the most effective tactics to use with worrying (or any negative emotion, in fact) is to give it a time limit. 

The worrying then does not go on endlessly without any self-control. When something has you worried, or a worry pops up into your mind, set a limit of an hour, or three hours... whatever you feel comfortable with. But when that time is up, that’s it. You move on. You don’t let the worry stop you from living if it’s past the time you give it. This is a technique that works great for depression, sadness, anger... any of those negative emotions that threaten to take us over if we’re not careful.

2.     Ask yourself if there is anything you can do about what you're worried about. 

Many times, there are things you can do to help stop the worry, but you're reluctant to do them. Why? Well, it could be that you're afraid to step outside your comfort zone. It could be that you're reluctant to take the actions you need to take to stop the situation you're worried about. Fear plays into this a lot, so you have to ask yourself some hard questions, namely, "Am I willing to do what it takes to stop this worrying by changing my situation?" Whether the answer is yes, or no, you should quit the worrying.

3.     Take a good look at the stories you tell yourself.

You may be worrying about something that is simply not true, or not realistic. Very often, we tell ourselves stories about a situation, and when we tell ourselves the same story over and over, it becomes real to us. But it may, in fact, just be a story. So, take a look at your worries, and examine whether they are based on real facts and situations, or just old stories that you haven’t updated in your mind.

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