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Episode #10 | I am enough

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Today’s episode provides another avenue for women all around the world to resonate with some personal experiences that are tackled in the sessions. Today, particularly, highlights the interpretation of the proposition “I am enough.”

As are political, medical, or even the most mundane events can be subjected to varied interpretations, so do emotions and coping mechanisms. An unpopular opinion discussed at 3:15 in the video tells us that thinking that you are enough creates a mental assurance that nothing is lacking in your life and that you are doing just fine, and that this thinking creates a mantra of complacency in whatever you do. It’s not particularly healthy, especially when one doesn’t push herself to be better than she is yesterday simply because of the thought that staying where one is, is enough. Thus, the issue of growth seems to beg the question, “Am I maturing when I think I’m not enough or I don’t?”

At 5:19 of this podcast, Ms. Lima talks about making an intentional impact and what you'll notice as you go through it. This journal can be downloaded for free at www.venuswarriors.com/impact. She talked about self-discoveries and purpose in this journal. Sometimes you have to agree to disagree, while some other times, you just got to wing it and speak your mind. Whatever the case is, taking steps forward in life should be self-modified and directed. Let yourself be the driver.

6:11 tells us the value of communication – how opinions should be exchanged in order to come up with a logical view on issues like the proposition in this podcast. It also matters to constantly take time to learn new things and to be constantly on the verge to modify oneself for the better. How one interprets the phrase, “I am enough” can shape one’s views on things. This may serve as a wake-up call that stagnation should not be forever and that moving forward entails uncomfortable silences and silent battles that one should face head on.

Get to read more on Ms. Lima’s journal entries by visiting the website. Your responses will be highly appreciated. A stirring debate could be a good modem to open up new perspectives and possibilities.

You can also visit www.venuswarriors.com/tribe, put in your email and the link for the Facebook group will be readily sent over.

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Welcome back. Venus warriors. How are you today? I hope you really enjoyed our last week's episode with the interview of Mickey Struges and today I'm warning you now there will be possibly some vulgarity and some opinions that you may not agree with at all. So use headphones, earbuds, maybe don't have this with the children around whatever it is, but I'm warning you now. It's going to be a good episode. Let's go.

Liz Lima:    

1:08 - Welcome back, ladies. I'm so excited for the 10th episode of Venus Warriors and we have a lot coming up because I have some powerful women that I will be interviewing. Gosh, for the next few weeks. It's been pretty incredible. The outreach from these women. I'm just so excited to share it with you because they're going to share their stories, which you will most likely resonate with someone and that I want you to be able to see and hear and feel how other women are also possibly overcoming things that you may be going through.               

Liz Lima:    

01:45 - And that's one of the reasons for this podcast is that you can see and hear and feel all of these stories that can give you hope and a dream and the understanding that you can achieve what it is that you want in your life. But as I said before, this is going to be maybe a little controversial podcast. So bear with me because everyone has an opinion, right? And you know what they say about opinions, they're like assholes. Everyone has one. Today I want to talk about the term I am enough and I'm going to start the podcast with a little background information or a little, um, idea that our entire lives are an interpretation. Your life is what it is because of the way that you interpret it. So an example of this is they've done tons of studies on these and if you're any fascinated at all about psychology, you can actually look these up is where there was an accident and there were about five people there who witnessed it.         

Liz Lima:    

02:53 - And you ask each person what happened and you would think, okay, well they were all there at the same time. In the same spot and they saw the accident, it should be the same. And actually, it is not everyone had a different interpretation of what happened. So my interpretation of I am enough is that I don't like it. I don't like it. I, it may be because of where I am in my life of why I don't like the statement. And I can see why others would like this statement because if someone feels that they're always having to try like so hard at that they're, they're forcing things in their life where they feel that they're not good enough, they don't do enough in their life. They don't, they're not pushing hard enough. They're not there enough. You know, what, insert whatever nonsense, um, talk that's going on in your head here.

Liz Lima:    

03:50 - I can see why someone would want to use that term. I am enough because they're, they're being hard on themselves. Well, I want to flip this on its head and I want to give you maybe a different perspective and maybe you'll have a different interpretation of, if I put it in this light, the term I am enough makes me feel complacent. It makes me feel like, yeah, I'm enough. Like it doesn't make me feel good at all. It makes me feel as in I'm just conforming to the norm and that's my interpretation of I am enough because my core belief, and maybe this will become your core belief, is that I am more than enough because I'm an incredible being. I'm an incredible person and every single one of you that are listening to this right now is also an incredible person. So right now, wherever you are, you're possibly driving.             

Liz Lima:    

04:47 - I want you to stop and I want you to take a deep breath, like really deep all the way in the belly and just let it out and imagine, feel all of that action that you just took right now is incredible. You literally had millions of cells acting at once at the same time. You took a breath and you're taking breaths all day long and you probably don't even realize you're taking breaths all day long. Obviously, you know that you're taking breasts because you're alive. I get it, but this is what I'm talking about that you're more than enough. We are all more than enough it, it just kills me this term because I see people use this. I'm enough and a and use it as a, I don't have to try at all to be a little bit better in something that they wanted to work at and I'm not saying that we all have to be these incredible superstars because we already are.             

Liz Lima:    

05:54 - All of this is inside of you already and I created this journal because I'm going to prove to you that you are more than enough and you are making a massive impact or ready. I made a journal and it's called making an intentional impact and what you'll notice as you go through it, because if you go through it, you'll have a lot of Aha moments. This journal is going to show you how you already are more than enough because you are already making an impact on this world right now. You are impacting others. You're improving someone else's life and you are better than what you think you are right now. The impact journal is free. I have it at venuswarriors.com/impact - I m p a c t now, can you imagine if I spelled that wrong? Like how embarrassing would that be? 

Liz Lima:    

06:48 - And I just thought about this because I did a, I did a video on this a little like gosh months ago and I saw some people, uh, give back their feedback, which is awesome because we need to be able to have communication. Some of you may be really pissed at me right now, possibly true story. And if you are awesome because you're having a reaction, shows how amazing you are. Right? And I saw that some people were giving me their interpretation of this statement that I am enough. And then I understood it. I got it. I said, okay, I can see why you use that term or how you're interpreting that term. And then I gave my interpretation and then they saw my view. So this is the this is also the point of life. We all have to be able to communicate with each other and spread ideas and have conversations because this is how we learn more things.     

Liz Lima:    

07:49 - Life is really amazing if we actually take the time to learn new things and not stay stuck in where we're at in our lives. So I would love to hear what you think about this. Maybe you really hate me right now. Maybe you're like, preach it, Liz, because I think the same thing. Awesome. Let's have a conversation. I am on Facebook. I have a private group. It's the venous warriors' group. You can find it by searching for Venus Warriors. I'll also have the link in the show notes, but the easiest way is if you just go to venuswarriors.com/tribe where you can put in your email and we'll send over the link for the Facebook group and let's have a conversation. Let's see, how many of you agree with me? How many of you also have the same feeling about, I don't like that term.            

Liz Lima:    

08:37 - I'm enough. And I think this really started really when I went to Staples and I wanted to get a really cool like new binder and notebook and I have like all of the ones that already have like get it girl and you're amazing and all that stuff. So I wanted a new one and I wanted a different one and I just kept seeing the I'm enough thing and it was just driving me nuts. So I had to talk about it and I said, what better way to talk about it with all of you and see how many people are angry with me and actually get an emotion out of you and write me back so you can get the journal, which I highly, highly suggest that you actually go through it. I put a lot of work in it and it's really, it's really good because it gives you a little slap in the face.            

Liz Lima:    

09:21 - Actually you can think of it as a love tap from me. And those of you who know me personally know that that's a big joke because I am a very, very loving person, but I will give it to you if you need it. A little wake up calls because I needed it when I was going through some crap and nobody was there to slap me in the face. You can get that journal at venuswarriors.com/impact and I thank you. I would love to hear what you think about this podcast, what you think about this topic or any topic I've spoken about and send us an email. Let us know if there's something that you want me to cover at podcast@venuswarriors.com and if you like what we're talking about and if you feel like it resonates with you or if you hate it and you want other people to dislike it, share it too. Why not? Because that's still somebody. We'll have it in their earbuds and they will listen as well. So please share this if it made an impact on you in any way and give us a rating, let me know how it's going. Let me know what's going on and that's it for this episode. I hope that you do share it and we'll see you next week. Take care.

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