Day 18 - Those Days When Your Inner Critic Won’t Shut Up - Liz Lima

Day 18 – Those Days When Your Inner Critic Won’t Shut Up!

Those Days When Your Inner Critic Won’t Shut Up! 

By now, you understand how relentless your inner critic can be. It takes a lot of strategy and resilience to keep it at bay. So far, I’ve discussed several helpful ways you can work on managing this internal bully on your own. These types of coping strategies are valuable in managing bouts of self-doubt and helping you to push through insecurity. You should also know that you don’t always have to battle your inner meanie on your own. Having a support network of friends, family, and co-workers can be extremely beneficial to your overall wellbeing and can help you to overcome many of the obstacles presented by your inner critic. Take a look below to learn how finding a cheerleader can help you get through the tough spots when your inner critic just won’t shut up.

Emotional Support 

We all need some emotional support now and then. Someone to tell us it’s going to be okay and that we can do great things. Relying on people who care to reassure you that you’re wonderful and to listen to your fears isn’t a weakness. It’s a strength and a blessing. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your crew when you’re feeling uncertain.

Unbiased Feedback 

Your inner critic is not objective. It looks to tear you down and emphasizes all of your perceived flaws. Friends won’t do that. While you don’t want your network to sugarcoat anything or avoid being truthful with you, it’s usually safe to say that the people in your closest circle know you pretty well. They understand you and continue to stick by you. So, you can probably count on them to provide much more unbiased feedback than you get from your inner critic.

Day 18 - Those Days When Your Inner Critic Won’t Shut Up - Liz Lima - Comfort
Day 18 - Those Days When Your Inner Critic Won’t Shut Up - Liz Lima - Pep Talk

Helpful Guidance 

Negative self-talk often steers you in the wrong direction. It tells you not to even try or to give up when something seems too difficult. It tells you you’ll never succeed. Your cheerleaders see a more realistic picture of your capabilities. Count on them for guidance when you’re not sure how to proceed or when you just need a pep talk.

Improved Motivation 

When you’re feeling your lowest is when that inner critic is most likely to strike. It can be so easy to give up and forget about your goals. Instead, call up a close friend and ask if you can chat about what you’re facing. Chances are when you’re done with the conversation, you’ll feel much more motivated to give it a go than you did when you listened to your inner critic. Don’t hesitate to reach out. That's what cheerleaders are for.

Keep these benefits in mind when you’re feeling alone, and your inner critic is taking over. Your cheerleaders can be a huge help when it comes to overcoming the internal dialogue that is trying to hold you back.

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