Day 19 - Recognize and Celebrate Your Wins - Liz Lima

Day 19 – Recognize and Celebrate Your Wins

Recognize and Celebrate Your Wins 

Most of us tend not to celebrate ourselves enough. Our inner critic thrives because it’s much easier to recognize flaws than it is to embrace our strengths. That seems to be something most people can relate to. As with the other strategies we’ve discussed along the way, you can break out of this habit of noticing only your shortcomings. It just takes a shift in mindset and some practice. The results are well worth the effort. Follow the advice below to acknowledge and celebrate your wins.

Recognize Your Successes, No Matter How Small 

As you practice the many strategies you’ve learned so far, you’ll become more adept at noticing your gains. Such things as pushing past the fear to apply for a job promotion or signing up for that class at the community center you’ve been interested in count as wins. Convincing yourself that you’re worthy, talented, and deserving are successes, even if they don’t come with formal acknowledgment. You can take time to recognize and celebrate them, though. Pat yourself on the back with each small gain. Share your accomplishment with trusted loved ones. Make a big deal because it is.

Day 19 - Recognize and Celebrate Your Wins - Liz Lima - Success
Day 19 - Recognize and Celebrate Your Wins - Liz Lima - pride

Monitor Every Milestone 

One way to ensure that you are recognizing your own successes is to write down the goals you have for yourself. Start with a brainstorming session and record what comes to mind. You can add to the list as things pop up over time. Then add some objectives you’ll need to accomplish in order to reach your goal. As each of these milestones is achieved, make a note. Acknowledge that step and take pride in moving one step closer to your goal. The effects on your confidence will be great, and your inner critic will seem much quieter as you rack up the milestones achieved.

Reward Yourself Frequently 

Finally, be sure to celebrate your wins. You can formally acknowledge your own milestones in any way you choose. Doing so adds legitimacy to the work you’ve put in and the obstacles you’ve overcome. You deserve a reward. This can be anything you want from an ice cream cone to dinner with friends. Just taking the time to do something in celebration is enough to help push your inner critic further into the closet.

You deserve to celebrate your wins. This is just one more way you can shut your inner critic up. Do it often and have fun!

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