Day 20 - Baby Steps and Watch Your Inner Critic Disappear - Liz Lima

Day 20 – Baby Steps and Watch Your Inner Critic Disappear

Baby Steps and Watch Your Inner Critics Disappear

Shutting up your inner critic can feel like a monumental task. This is especially true if you’ve spent a lifetime giving into and believing this negative self-talk. Breaking through internalized beliefs and ingrained habits is one of the toughest things to do. That’s why so many of us simply give up on making changes. Whether it’s going to the gym or silencing your inner bully, ditching old habits is something that isn’t easy. As with most difficult tasks, though, quieting your inner critic can be made simpler when you break it down into small chunks. Take a few baby steps, and you’ll start to notice your inner critic disappear.

Baby Steps are Less Stressful 

Baby steps are an excellent way to overcome the hurdle of approaching an intimidating task. Trying something new, taking a risk, or making a life change are all really big deals. It’s no wonder so many of us let our inner critic talk us out of these types of things. It’s scary to think about trying such mammoth endeavors. But it’s okay. Calm down. Breathe. There’s a better way to help you push past your internal dialogue and do the scary thing. Break it down into small steps for reaching the ultimate goal. Doing so makes the task much more manageable. While going to school for four years to learn a new trade can seem like too much, it’s not that difficult to make an appointment to talk to an admissions representative at the school you’re interested in.

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Day 20 - Baby Steps and Watch Your Inner Critic Disappear - Liz Lima - Plan

Some Progress is Better Than None 

Using the above example, once you’ve made that appointment to meet with your institution of interest, you’ll probably learn a great deal about the program. You’ll be given an outline of what’s required to be accepted, enroll, and complete it. Chances are good it won’t look as scary once you have some real information. The unknown is what your inner critic preys upon. After you’ve accomplished this step, your goal will seem more attainable. Each bit of progress you make brings you closer to your intended goal. Keep that in mind as you work on shutting up your inner critic.

Progress Creates Momentum 

Having a few baby steps under your belt will increase your confidence. Soon, that next step won’t seem nearly as scary as the whole big goal initially felt at the beginning of your pursuit. Once you begin making progress toward your final task, you’ll feel motivated to keep going. The first step is almost always the hardest. Taking baby steps is easier. These small steps add up to big things.

Baby steps can be your best friend when it comes to overcoming that inner critic of yours. Give this technique a try the next time you tell yourself you can’t. With each small step, you’ll begin to recognize that you can.

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