Day 21 – Replace Internal Criticism with Excitement - Liz Lima

Day 21 – Replace Internal Criticism with Excitement

Replace Internal Criticism with Excitement 

Our inner critic tends to drag us down. It makes us feel bad, and we may find ourselves constantly battling it. What if you took a different approach instead? Consider what would happen if you were to embrace that internal voice that sabotages you. It will take some practice, but you can approach things with an entirely new mindset. Think about what would happen if you replace your internal critic with excitement instead of dread. Follow these tips to give it a try.

Accept Your Inner Critic 

The first step is to accept that your inner critic exists. You can learn to manage it, but it will likely always be a part of you. So why not accept it as an aspect of who you are? Once you do, you can begin to look at this voice in a new light. Rather than seeing it as something negative to be feared or hated, you can begin to look at your inner critic with a more neutral attitude.

Day 21 – Replace Internal Criticism with Excitement - Liz Lima - Accept
Day 21 – Replace Internal Criticism with Excitement - Liz Lima - self

Know Yourself 

Next, it’s important that you take time for self-reflection. You know yourself better than anyone. You’re probably well aware of your limitations and even have a strong understanding of your strengths, though those may be more difficult to list. When your inner critic sends you negative messages, it will be easier to dispute them and ignore that voice when you know yourself well.  You’ll be able to recognize what’s true and what’s not.

Take Action 

When you do recognize kernels of truth in what your internal dialogue is telling you, take action on it. If you are doing something positive to overcome your limitations, it’s less likely you’ll let your negative self-talk dictate your feelings. You’ll be moving in a positive direction and can ignore that mean internal voice.

Set Boundaries 

Finally, you’ll want to set boundaries with your inner critic, just as you would with family members or friends in your life. Don’t allow your internal dialogue to run rampant with no constraints. Doing so will only lead you to feeling beaten down, anxious, and depressed. If you wouldn’t let a friend say something to you, then don’t allow yourself to use such harsh words with you, either. Instead, remind yourself that these things aren’t completely true and that you have many redeeming qualities.

If you want to become excited by your inner critic, you need to take charge of it. You own it. It doesn’t own you.

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