Episode #20 Do You Believe In What You Can Achieve - Liz Lima - Blog Post

Do You Believe In What You Can Achieve?

In today's blog post, Liz Lima focuses on gratitude and her talk on Super Saturday on how she shared her insights and story on believing what a person can achieve. She points out that you have to visualize your goals and dreams completely that someday, these will be all attained.  It all starts in the mindset. Your belief will define the actions you need to take. Eventually, the actions you take will determine the results. It is really bothering to know that a lot of people get used in doing their daily grind and forget that they have something in mind that they want to achieve. You need to break this kind of system if you really desire something in your life in which you would not regret when you get old.

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On the latter part of the Podcast, Liz stresses how she starts believing in her mind and heart that she can do anything to reach what she wants for her family and herself. Being a mother of two kids, a wife, an entrepreneur and a host who empowers women, she states how she manages to keep believing in things she wants to achieve.  For one, it may be difficult to realize at first and you may experience doubt, but you have to work it out really hard and consider taking every opportunity that comes along the way. The more you believe in what you can achieve, the more you can live life happily with fewer regrets. However, if you would not try believing in yourself, all of the things you want in life will remain a dream.

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Liz Lima:

Um, thanks for coming. And tonight I'm going to talk about gratitude and a quick recap of our Super Saturday. So for those of you that don't know me, my name is Liz Lima and I am a venous warrior. I empower women to be able to take control of their lives, to fulfill their purpose, to help them find their purpose. Yeah. And I'm extremely exhausted and we had a huge event this weekend and I was so grateful and honored that they asked me to speak at our event and it was mind blowing. And uh, we had over 200 people there. It was unbelievable to have all of these people in the same room just looking for something to help them achieve what they want to, to gain in their lives. And to be able to see this mind shift where people who thought that maybe they would never be able to achieve what they actually want.

Liz Lima:

Right? Maybe they're thinking of if I only could have an extra $500 a month, how would that change their, their, their family? How, how could that change their stress levels? And, um, it was so great to be able to share my story onstage and to show that how I want to explain to you that you can achieve what you want in life, but you have to believe it and you have to unconditionally unipod apologetically believe it completely. Because when you believe in your mission, in your ultimate goal, uh, in your vision, then you'll be able to achieve that. And that's the truth. Because the only way that you will get to the end of your goal and to get to the goal is if you believe you'll get there. Because if you don't believe you'll get there, you will never even start to think of ways that you can achieve that goal at all.

Liz Lima:

So for me, I know that one of my goals is that I want to empower women. I want to be able to help them be able to, to fulfill their purpose in their lives, to help them find their purpose and to have a, I was about to swear and to have an amazing, amazing journey along the way because we have to appreciate love every minute, every step of the journey because that's when life is happening. And a lot of times when people are just in the grind or you know, nine to five and going here, there, and everywhere in life just totally passes them by and it's just way too quick. It goes by like that. And it's sad. I mean, uh, there was a study, I want to find this actually this is a video and it's, it's sad, but it's eyeopening where they went to a nursing home and they interviewed these seniors, I think they were in the, maybe like from late seventies to 90s.

Liz Lima:

And they said, what's the one thing that you would love to tell other people? Like what advice would you give younger people about life? And they said that they wished they lived in and that they really regret not taking chances, not, not even trying out their dreams because this is the only life we get and it's just going to pass you by. And it's really hard to hear and to see the sadness in these people that probably had amazing dreams, right? They, they probably had, uh, thoughts and ideas and inventions that could have changed the world or could have changed the community or could it change one person and they never tried. And that's, that's really sad. Uh, but it's eye opening and it kind of puts us in a state of where, you know what, I need to start doing something. I need to think about how I can achieve this goal and then my mind will open up and start thinking of ways that I can achieve that goal.

Liz Lima:

You have to be open. You can't be skeptic, you have to be able to believe in it or it just won't happen for you. And that's really sad. And I know that I have two little ones. I have a seven year old and I have a five year olds. She's going on 20 and just seeing them to living so fast, it's like they were born yesterday and they're already seven and five and I know I still have a lot of thank God I still have a lot of years with them. Right before they, we, we raised them up into beautiful children and, and into adults and how they'll go to their life. But we have to enjoy the journey as well. And if they see me and if they see my husband, their father working, you know, other extra hours, hours in the day, early at an early, early in the morning when they're sleeping in late at night when they're in bed and were working on our dreams so that we can be a family all the time where we don't have to drop them off it and extended and care or, and that we don't have to have my parents pick them up from school or you know, we can go on any of those vacations that we want.

Liz Lima:

We can pick up like we, because of what I've been doing for the past few years, we've been able to say, okay, this weekend we're going away, we're going to go to this park where not going to go camping here and that wouldn't have been possible before, but these are, these are things that I believed I knew I would achieve and I just kept going after it and going after it and working at it. Consistent, showing up all the time, doing the do over and over and over again. And that's, that's what it takes. Sometimes you don't need to focus on the how, because it will come to you. If you think of, I am already there, I know this dream, I know this goal, I know it will be done and I am achieving it. And then your mind literally will start to open up and it will start thinking of ways that you can get that to go towards, that there are opportunities around you and that you can capitalize them and take them and just run with it. So that's what today was about. I want to say thank you for everyone for coming. I was so excited, was unbelievable because of what I did on Saturday. Thank you so much.

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