Day 25 - It’s Ok to be Scared – Do It Anyway - Liz Lima

Day 25 – It’s Ok to be Scared – Do It Anyway

It’s Ok to be Scared – Do It Anyway 

One of the emotions your inner critic preys upon most is fear. If you’re afraid, you won’t even try and you’ll be safe. At least, that’s the rationale. That’s why it’s so hard to shut that mean internal voice up sometimes. Hopefully, by this point in our journey, you’re starting to feel comfortable and confident in managing your internal critic. Today, I’d like to address ways to push past the fear that may still creep in every now and again. Check out my tips below.

Day 25 - It’s Ok to be Scared – Do It Anyway - Liz Lima - Comfortable

Get Comfortable with Discomfort 

One reason we often listen to our inner critic and fall back into old habits, rather than going for what we actually want, is because the familiar simply feels better in the moment. Sure, we may later regret letting our insecurity hold us back, but it sure feels better at the time to avoid taking that risk. When you’re battling your negative self-talk, it’s essential that you learn to sit with discomfort. Feel the fear and then move forward anyway.

Take Down Negative Thoughts Immediately  

When you notice your inner critic starts creeping in, it’s time to go on the defensive and find ways to manage it and get it under control. You can assess the situation later when there’s time to reflect. It’s always good to understand the root of insecurity. However, the important thing in the moment is to push past the self-sabotaging talk so that it doesn’t spiral out of control. Give yourself some positive affirmations that will lift you up and help you to make at least one small step in the right direction.

Day 25 - It’s Ok to be Scared – Do It Anyway - Liz Lima - Take Down

Accept That Fear Exists 

You can take away fear’s power over you when you simply accept that it exists. Fear doesn’t have to be seen as a bad thing. You can even view it as a motivator if you want. Challenge yourself to embrace it for a moment and then forge ahead despite the fear. It’s also reassuring to remind yourself that everyone experiences insecurity from time to time. It’s human nature.

Live in the Moment 

Finally, pay attention to what your negative self-talk is saying to you for a moment. A quick evaluation will probably tell you that the fear and insecurity you’re experiencing is either rooted in the past or associated with the future. Messages we’ve internalized from our past due to our experiences or things others have told us to stick with us. They rear their ugly heads at the worst times in order to remind us we should stay within our comfort zone. Other times, it’s fear of what might happen in the future that holds us back. Try to remind yourself not to worry about something that hasn’t even happened and may never occur. Live in the moment. Bring yourself back to the present and proceed, using the strategies you’ve learned throughout this challenge.

These tips can help you to overcome fear quickly and do the thing, anyway. No matter what that thing is, it’s almost always worth trying. Don’t let fear hold you back.

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