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Episode #22 | Have You Hit An Obstacle When You’re On The Path To Reaching A Goal?

In today’s podcast, Liz Lima talked about active lifestyle and fitness, which empowers women to be fine inside and out. As warriors, we are used to push ourselves to our limits and go for our passion without rest. And sometimes, it just gets the better of us.

Most of the time, if not all, our bodies warn us that something is wrong earlier than we could realize. The emotional pain that we’re feeling often manifests in body aches and unwanted sensations, which reverberates to the inner core of our senses. Taking care of yourself in a holistic way, both inside and out, is the goal of an active lifestyle.

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Writing in a journal every day about the things you are grateful for also helps in emanating this positive energy to keep you going. Focusing on the positivity despite the circumstances pushes you towards your goals. And being with these empowered women in Venus Warriors is a blessing that is to be shared. In line with that, advancing in life demands change and empowerment. It’s all about the way how we perceive things because it’s not always what happens to you, but of what can make out of what happened to you. And your decisions affect the totality of your whole being - Your emotions, your goals, your decision-making; literally everything that makes of you who you are - inside and out.

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Liz Lima:

Hey guys, I hope you're doing amazing. There's been so many new people that have been joining the page and finding out what the heck is a Venus Warrior and what's u p with this movement. So I wanted to come on quick to explain that and something that really touched me really deeply today when we had this event that I spoke at and I really wanted to share that. So for those of you that don't know me, my name is Liz Lima and I am the creator and founder of Venus Warriors. And what that is, it's a movement to empower and inspire women to finally go after their passions and their purpose all through entrepreneurship. So today, what was really amazing is that we had an event, one of my women that I've coached for a long time had an event in her gym and what she's doing is she's going through health and wellness and she's spreading that with her members and friends and something that us women, and I know that a lot of us do this and, and we kind of keep it down, is that we will keep going and striving and push and push and push and on the outside try to keep it altogether.

Liz Lima:

We try to keep everything like we are doing amazing, I'm fine, everything is working great, my kids are fine, my husband's fine, my spouse is fine, like whatever it is, everything's fine. But on the inside Shit's not fine. And so today it really hit me when we were at this event and one of the women came in and it was very painful for her to share her story with us and how she's been doing that. She on the outside, everything looks fine, but on the inside she is. She is hurting. And why is it that we get to a point where we keep on trying to keep this outside? I'm fine feeling when inside we're not fine and we literally are pushing, pushing, pushing and we are going to get to a point where we are literally going to snap in half something is going to happen and your body will tell you before you even get anywhere near to doing something before yourself.

Liz Lima:

So your body will tell you, you will get to a point where your body says, that's it, I'm done. And it will literally either shut down, you will get sick, things are going to happen that you have no idea. Oh why is this happening all of a sudden? But it was giving you warning signs little by little by and yet we ignored it and we keep going because we are women, we are warriors. We can do it all. We just keep pushing and pushing and pushing and we cannot do that. So that really touched me and it broke my heart to see this woman today. But what happened was is that she did get to her breaking point and she said, enough is enough and now she's doing something for herself and this is what it's all about. So the movement that I am pushing because I'm so passionate about this is exactly empowering women to be able to finally believe in themselves and to go for their passions and their purpose, whatever it may be.

Liz Lima:

Because when one of you do that, then you spread it to another one and then they spread it to another one. And this is the way that things are going to get done is when we spread it in, this is what just naturally happens because when you get it, someone else will get it. And that's the main point. So it really is all of one. So it's fine that I'm helping you guys right now and there's three of you and that's all that matters to me because I know that flow. Like she'll say amen and she really feels it because then it goes with her and it carries with her throughout tomorrow and tonight. And that will change your mood and it will change her actions tomorrow and tonight. And that's the whole point. So one thing that I did want to share, because I think it really meshed with what happened today is this amazing quote that's in my every morning in a journal I write every single morning.

Liz Lima:

This is something that I covered a while ago, but I think I'll cover it again in another live. But every single morning after I wake up, after I take my Ionix, I will write in my journal and I write in every morning I literally write out what my life is. It's my ideal life and what I already have attained from everything that I'm doing in my life. There's a goal, there's this goal that I'm, I'm Richard for it everyday. I write it out my entire perfect life. Let's say, and I write out that I'm so grateful, I'm so grateful that Venus warriors is a massive movement worldwide. I'm so grateful that I have a team of women that actually helped me be able to do what I do. I'm so grateful that I'm able to donate millions of dollars to charities because that is what I want to do. I'm so grateful that I don't have to worry about any financial stress so that I can donate to causes and charities.

Liz Lima:

That's what I want to do. And so the big thing I want to do is I want to have events. I want to have really large, big events for Venus Warriors. That's the goal. Okay. So I read all that out and in this journal, which is amazing, it always has this quote on the right side. And today it really hit me how perfect it was and how it dealt with today and what happened today. So it said, when obstacles arise, you change your direction to reach the goal. You do not change your decision to get there. And I was like, oh, that was amazing. So I had to, I had to, I totally had to bring it in about what happened today at this amazing little, we had a little round table and we all shared our stories and our journeys and it was just perfect because it's not, things are going to happen.

Liz Lima:

Does it matter? Like just expect it and when and when obstacles get in your way, you should really be happy that they get in your way because that means you're getting closer and now all the energies around you are saying, do you really want that? Are you sure you want that? Because if you do, then you'll be able to figure this out. It really is because we have all this talk going on inside of our heads and you are your worst critic and it will just start going at you. And if we start rationalizing, we get way off track. So think of obstacles as like, yes, finally I'm going to get to the next level because that's what it's all about. It's like a, uh, another mentor of mine. He, this was a perfect analogy when, I dunno if you guys ever played video games, but I played video games and every time you had to reach another level it was harder and to reach that level you had to get better and when you reached another level you had to get better and it got harder and harder and harder, but you were advancing.

Liz Lima:

Every time I think of us I think is Super Mario brothers. I know I'm so old, but this is the thing you can get there because you need to think of in a way that, oh, this obstacles here, you have to think, don't they give it as a negative thing of like awesome, this obstacles here. Now I can get better. So now it really is testing you. That's all it is. Literally look at it as like, this is a test and I'm going to beat this test and I'm going to show you that I can do it. Think of it that way because I guarantee if you start thinking of obstacles that way you'll be able to get by them better and easier and faster. It's all about the way that we perceive things. It's all about we can't control everything as in we can't control a natural disaster, right?

Liz Lima:

Where we can't control a political election or we can't control while we can give, we voted, but that's a whole other thing. Um, but you know, certain things you can't control someone else and you cannot control how their actions are. But what you can control is how you react to those actions. And that makes the difference. So once you understand that you cannot have control of everything, but you control your actions and that is how it affects your life directly. That's what it's more important. So that's the point of this life. You need to totally see obstacles as a positive. See them as, yes, I'm going to get to the next level. This is coming at me because I'm getting closer to where I want to be. It's making me stronger so I can get to the next level. So I'm getting closer to where I want to be.

Liz Lima:

That is what you need to do with obstacles. And I wanted to explain a little bit about Venus Warriors. Why so many women are starting to like it. And I really am excited because it's all about spreading this because I really know that every single one of us, we just need a little bit more of belief in ourselves and a little more passion and a little more warrior like push inside of us so that we and all of us can get to that next level. So have a great night. I hope you have an amazing week. Thank you guys for showing up are really appreciate it and I love that you guys are here. If you feel that anyone would ever get any benefit from this, please share it and I hope you guys have an amazing week. No, take care. See you soon. Thanks guys. Bye. ​

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