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The Beauty of Mentorship: Why do you need a mentor?

Venus Warriors is a movement that empowers women to listen to their own voice and be who they were meant to be. Venus warriors work with helping women understand their purpose and provide them with every resource they can in order to achieve one another’s goals. Everyone has the sole right to breathe, be free and be responsible with the freedom one is given.

In today’s podcast, Liz talks about the beauty of mentorship. In this kind of relationship, there are two parties involved - the mentor and the mentee. The power of a mentor lies in his or her capability to open the doors of hope that dwells within the mentee. A great mentor is someone that is able to call it out of the mentee by asking questions and making him or she realize what the answer is for him or her, and it’s different with everybody. Once you have yourself in place and you get to figure out what’s right for you, everything just falls into place in time.

The beauty of mentorship manifests when the efforts grow and manifest through more empowered women embracing their entity, their purpose, their joy and sharing it with others, forming a bigger and better community.

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Liz Lima:

How are you all doing? Thanks so much for watching. My name is Liz Lima and I am a Venus Warrior and I wanted to come on here real quick to talk about this because a lot of people ask me, Liz, why do you have a mentor? And easy because if I want to keep getting to the next level that I'm going to need a mentor that is already at that level. So here's my adorable, cute photo of two little Lego man and they are supposed to represent mentor and mentee. So cute, right? So what do I do? I'm a mentor. I actually help women become empowered, fulfill their passions, their purpose all through entrepreneurship. That's what I do. I've been through a lot, I've gone through a lot of crap and I just know what it's like to be in those types of situations and you are way too amazing to keep everything inside and that's why we started this movement and massive tribe of women all striving and driving and achieving what they want in their lives.

Liz Lima:

But today's not about that today is about mentors and I love this quote from Miss Oprah herself who has an amazing story as I'm sure you all know, but a mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside of your self preach on sister because that's what it's all about. You are the one who is holding you back because you've got this, it's all inside of you and what a mentor really, truly does is finally gets you to snap out of it, slap yourself in the forehead and say, holy, I wish. I just would believe it. And literally that's what a mentor does. A great mentor is someone that is able to pull it out of you by asking questions and make you realize what the answer is for you. So right now, I'm actually in, I have finally decided to launch everything that I've been doing offline for years, finally to online because my vision is to have these massive, massive events where women come from all over the world to learn, to become empowered and to truly, finally get over the blockage.

Liz Lima:

The barrier, the wall that's holding them back from achieving their goals. Because you can have every course, every book, every podcast, every video. You can have literally blueprint instructions on what to do from a to Z. And you're still holding back. You still haven't launched. You still haven't weight lost that weight, whatever it is. And what is it? So what is it? It can't be all the different courses. It can't be, it can't be, oh, well I must have the wrong 20th book, right? It can't be that, oh, I must've been listening to the wrong podcast in the wrong sequence. No, no. Because all of those things are guides, right? And they are amazing. Guides, but what you need to realize is that once you have your self in place and once you have all of that figured out, then you fly and that's when people are in the flow and shit just comes right in and it just works.

Liz Lima:

So that's what I do. I get you there because I've been there. The point of today was to give my mentors and amazing thought, full thank you. And then I'm full of gratitude for them because they've already achieved the level of success that I want to have in this realm, right? I already have success in my offline business that's all said and done and I love it and I love my women, I love my tribe. And what's amazing is when it just grows and when it's just bigger and then you're able to help more people, right? How many times did you feel that joy, I really hope you, you felt that in your life. Once that passionate, like heartfelt pure joy of helping someone and having their lives change and they tell you, thank you, you have changed my life, or thank you, you've made this so much easier.

Liz Lima

That literally is the absolute best feeling in the entire world. Bar none. So I just wanted to come on here and tell you that because it's true. If there's something that you're, you're trying to achieve, really take a look at what it is. How have you been tackling it before? Have you even put any real thought into it? Have you planned it out? Have you written it down right? Is this something that you've even truly said, no, I'm really going to do this. I'm going to write it out and this is what I want. Maybe you're, you know, one of the things is that you probably haven't even written it out. It's probably not real to you because it's just a thought and passing, but you always come back to it and that's probably your purpose. And I talk about that a lot. That's gnawing at you inside.

Liz Lima

That's probably what it is, and that's why it's still there. And that's why it's always going to bother you when it's always going to come back to you. And if you keep ignoring it, you're going to live a long life of Blah, because that's when you should be doing in your life. You need to listen to that passion, that purpose, voice inside of you, and go for it. So with that, thank you so much for stopping. I know you have way better things to do, but hopefully in the matter of five minutes, I was able to help you just have a different thought process in your life, and maybe just maybe you might figure out what it is that you want to do and you'll start going towards it. So that's all I have. Thank you so much. Bye.

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