Episode #32 - I'm okay, You're Okay - Liz Lima - Podcast

Episode #32 | I’m Okay, You’re Okay

In today’s podcast, I try to introduce Venus Warriors to more women and elaborate on the vision of this movement. Everyone has different problems that they face on a daily basis and healing from the emotional, physical and spiritual damage that these circumstances inflict does not happen in just 24 hours. It takes time and process, and respect with the changes that should be committed to, to finally say, at the end of the day, that I’m okay, you’re okay.

Every single person has their own standard of their absolute best. But leaders see beyond this standard,  they see potential, both tapped and untapped. And that’s what sets leaders apart. They guide and join you in recognizing that your absolute best might still have something to improve, and slowly, you start to see that you are capable of doing more things.

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In this podcast, we also cover:

1:22 - Healing Wounds

2:35 - I’m okay, you’re okay.

3:05 - Standard of absolute best

4:01 - Being leaders

5:04 - Recognizing employees

7:25 - Definition of a leader

9:26 - We’ve all been through it

Leaders have gone through the experience that credits them the trust to see you through the whole process of realizing what you’re competent of. They give hope and creates an environment for you to grow and be the best version of you that they see in you. And it’s okay, I’m okay, you’re okay, we’ll be okay. You might just need some extra guidance, and a true leader can help you with that.

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Liz Lima:

Hello, I'm trying to see if it says I'm live, but I want to make sure I have great connection. I'm actually traveling, so apologize for that, but I want to thank Kara. Thank you so much for asking me to do this. I'm honored and super grateful that, um, you've asked me to do this and hello everybody. Um, what a great group of people as we know, it's awesome to be connected with like minded individuals, especially people who are in this industry like ourselves who are creating products and our coaches and leaders for something that we are truly passionate about and something that we believe in. And what I want to talk about today, maybe something that you may never have considered or thought of as a leader. So for those of you that don't know me, my name is Liz Lima and I am the creator of the Venus Warrior Movement.

Liz Lima:

And what I do is I call myself a reinvention coach and a transformation coach. My market is usually women and women that are, around their thirties, late thirties, forties. Because what I've done as, as you may also, completely agree with this, is that when you have healed your own wounds, then you help others with the same wound. And so for myself, I know that I have had a lot of, trouble and issues throughout my life, with finding myself and always, trying to strive for something better and I've worked so damn hard my entire life. And then you wake up one day, you know, you may have a spouse, family, career, children, you have all of these things, right? And then you, you open your eyes and you say, Oh my God is, is this what I've created and is this what I wanted?

Liz Lima:

And so what I do is I actually help women to find that inner Venus Warrior again, because they may have lost themselves as they say along the way, but they really haven't lost anything. They just don't hear as much. So, but enough of that, that's who I am and that's what I do. So I love to share with you something that I feel that usually leaders don't think of often. Cause it's kind of a twist on something that, leadership is about. So the title of this is, I'm okay. You're okay. So as a leader you will understand that everyone is doing the absolute best that they can at all times. Now you may not agree with that, but let me dig deeper into it to maybe have you think of this in a different way. Because life is all about perception and it's the way that you're perceiving it.

Liz Lima:

So think of this, even though I say everyone is doing the absolute best that they can at all times, you have to think of, okay, what is their perception of absolute best? Because they see themselves as what they feel is the best, but we as leaders can see more in them, right? So that's where the difference comes in. Also, one big thing to know is that nobody is broken, right? There's a, there's a lot of, sometimes you see a lot of this and advertisements, right? Facebook ads and copy and all this. Not blatantly saying that someone is broken or wrong, but as in like, maybe you have not found x and maybe you feel that you're not doing y and things like that, but people are not broken. They just need help. And finding it again for themselves or finding it for the first time.

Liz Lima:

So what I mean about absolute best is that they feel they're doing the best because that's what they believe is their best. But you see them and you see the potential in them more so than what they see in themselves. So this is where it gets interesting, okay? They believe it's their best. This is where the leader comes in. This is where you as a leader strengthen those people up by recognizing what they're doing. Now. Now this goes for anyone. Just being a leader does not mean that you're only concerned with or speaking to employees, right? I'm not talking about virtual assistants or you know, your social media mark, you know, marketing manager or whatever. Being a leader does not mean having only employees. Being a leader means someone that stands in a, um, in a position of, I've been there, I've done it, I will go through it with you.

Liz Lima:

That's a leader. Right? And further, further down in my talk, I'll, I'll, I'll explain a little bit more about coaches, mentors and leaders. But so you're going, so you're strengthening these people. They could be customers, their clients, their employees. It doesn't matter. They're a person. So yours, your strengthening this person up in everything that they have currently done and what they're doing now, right? Because this for them is their best and they're actually doing it. So they need praise for that. They need celebration of that so that they recognize it themselves. The issue is, or, or the, the, the situation is, as I mentioned, is that they believe this is their best. They don't know what they don't know, which means that they don't know the more that they can do. And this is where you as a leader comes in, you are rising people up.

Liz Lima:

This is a leader. So mentors, well, let me step back. Um, you arising them up and you're showing them the possibility within. So there's coaches, coaches tell people what to do, right? They've, they've gone through it and they say, you know, example of fitness coach, uh, I'm going to give you this workout and this is what you're going to do. That is fitness coaching coach, right? They tell you what to do. Mentors help the person to actually find it within themselves. They pull it out of the person. They're helping the person be able to continue on, you know, even without the mentor further down the line, right? They're improving themselves. But a leader has done all of this, right? The leader has been through coaching. The leader has done coaching. The leader has been a mentor and has also been through mentor ring. They do everything.

Liz Lima:

The thing is, is that a leader now is giving the environment the ability and the possibility for that person to rise up. So a leader to me is, it's all of it. It's a mentor, it's a coach, it's everything. So you are giving the environment, the permission, the ability for that person to finally go in with themselves and to be able to do all of that that they were either mentored or coached before you are now. You're giving the platform you and you're and you're going along with them. So being, being a leader is, is is in itself. Unbelievable. It's a big, big thing as in you know it's, it's not just saying I'm a leader. If we want to think about our old fashioned thinking about corporate incorporation and you know leaders is do as I say type of thing. No that's not a leader.

Liz Lima:

A leader is someone that's giving this environment the possibility, the hopes, the understanding, the emotional support, the, the mental support. Everything for a person to actually rise up themselves so that the person does it themselves. This is the difference they are now giving the hand of yes you are going to do this. If, if this is how I interpret leadership. So as I said before, this goes for everyone. This is not just if you have employees, this goes for employees, for customers, for clients. You are a leader, even though they may not see you or term you as that, right? They may not, they may not call you a leader, a client meaning not call you a leader if you're a coach or if you're a service provider, they not mind. They may not say the term you're a leader, but but you are because of what you're doing for them.

Liz Lima:

If you are doing this, if you are giving them the possibility to expand, to actually go forward into understanding what their absolute best is. So if you're providing a service, you're most likely improving someone's life, right? If you have a product, you are improving someone's life. This is the, this is the name of the game, right? This is why I'm hoping this is why you're in this game is to do that. It's to improve people's lives. So your creating this space of possibility of someone to actually better themselves in some way. So that's a leader. You will be seen as a leader. You're a confidant. You're giving them this hope, this space of being able to rise up. So this is what it's all about. This may be something that you may not even have considered what a leader is, but that's what I mean by I'm okay.

Liz Lima:

You're okay. Because we've all been through it. If we're advancing, if we're evolving, if we're, if we're rising ourselves up from where we were before to what we want to be now, and then we're all, and then we're utilizing all of this for people that we want to help and serve, then you're a leader. So that's what I mean about, I'm okay. You're okay. Um, thank you so much for joining. I hope that you catch the replay. Say Hashtag replay let me know if you have any questions. I am traveling, so I am on Pacific coast time for this week, but next week I'll be back in the east coast. And thank you so much again, Kara. You guys are amazing. All of us. The world needs us. That's why we're doing this, right. So we're here for each other. Never quit, never give up, and thanks so much. Bye.

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