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We often watch videos of inspirational and motivational speeches about confidence online. Some speakers break down the common traits of confident people while some show you themselves. You notice that there is an air of self-assurance and intelligence in their manner of approach and in their content. The humility and integrity in them just makes you admire them more and want to emulate them. And maybe that’s what you have to do.

Two of the most impactful common traits of confident people are (1) they don’t hog the spotlight of conversations, and (2) they’re enablers. The more you spend time with confident people and the more time you try to emulate them, the peaceful you feel. You have to be careful how to distinguish true confidence from masked arrogance, though. You will know by the way you feel about yourself afterward. By the following confidence, you will meet a better and calmer version of yourself. And that will be the most rewarding part of all. Following accounts with the right content will let you into the common traits of confident people. Follow confidence and it will shine through you.

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Follow Confident People

You immediately notice when someone is confident. They enter the room, and people pay attention. They have a way about them that gets people interested. If you want to become confident yourself, why not follow people who are confident already?

The next time you spot a confident person, take notice of how they behave. Start by observing how they speak to others. Do they seem like they are listening? Confident people don’t have anything to prove, so they won’t try to hog the conversation. They will let others speak.

Another trait of confident people is they ask questions. This seems counterintuitive as you would think they know everything. But, they don’t. They know when it’s necessary to ask when they don’t know the answer. People lacking confidence often pretend like they know all the answers, even at the risk of giving the wrong information. If you don’t know something, look it up or ask.

What else can you notice about confident people who you follow? They probably are calm and don’t overreact. Their confidence lets them realize there are solutions and they just need to be hashed out.

Pay attention to their body language as well. This is an important aspect of communication and by emulating some of what they do, you can project your confidence to others. Don’t try to force something just because you saw someone else doing it. Make it as natural as possible. Use a mirror if you are unsure how it will look or practice on people who you know, like family members.

The closer you can get to a confident person, the more you will likely see them so that you can observe them. People tend to take on traits naturally the more they are exposed to them. When you hang out with people who are better than you at certain skills, like sports or music, etc., you tend to become better at them. It’s no different with confident people. You will take on the traits of theirs that you find desirable and want to make them part of your personality. It’s important to do it in a natural way.

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Liz Lima:

What's up Venus Warriors? This is episode 36 and I'm going to continue on speaking about confidence. It's today I'm going to talk about something that you can do to maybe start getting more confidence in yourself. But before warned, don't think this is stalking cause it's not stocking, what I want to talk about today is about following confident people. So you notice immediately when someone's confident, when the enter the room, people pay attention. They just have this way about themselves, right? When people are interested in them because they're, they just exude this confidence. So if you want to be confident, then model someone who is confident, right? This is just the way that this is a natural way of learning. So the next time you see a confident person, maybe it is in your workplace or maybe it's at the gym or whatever it is, you know, somewhere that you notice like, okay, I've seen this person many times and I can observe like, you know, what is it about them?

Liz Lima:

I can tell that their confidence. So see how they behave, see how they speak to other people. One big thing that confident people will do is that there's a difference between confidence. I'll put this out there. There's a difference between confidence and cockiness. Big Difference. Confident people are actually listening to the people that are speaking. They care about what the person is talking about, right? Two ears, one mouth. Just, just making sure, confident people don't have anything to prove because they're already self assured. They know that. They're just confident. They believe in themselves. So they won't try to hug this conversation. Right. The last questions. That's the biggest thing too, is that they will ask questions. They won't pretend like they know everything because if they don't, they'll admit it. And I know for myself, put it all out there, cause you know how it is with me.

Liz Lima:

I'll tell you the truth. When I was younger and I was in a position at work and when I was with customers, sometimes I would be like, oh yeah, I can do that. And I didn't know and I wasn't sure it takes a much stronger person to say, you know what, I don't know the answer to that, but I'm going to find out the answer for you. And the person will have much more respect for you. Right? So that's the person who is confident. So notice that the person that you're observing is their confident. If they don't understand something, the last question, right. They won't pretend to know the answers. They just won't confident people don't do that and just say, and I bet you they'll say, well, wait a minute. I don't know that, but I'll, I'll look it up. Right. One other thing that's big about people who are confident is that they won't overreact.

Liz Lima:

If something happens. They just won't fly off the handle or get into a massive argument or whatever it is. They understand that, okay, if it is a problem that okay, maybe I just don't have it figured out yet and maybe this is teaching me, okay, what do I need to learn from this? Okay. That's another thing that competent people do and look at their body language. You know, they say, see now I was going to lie to you cause I think it's 70% is body language, but that might not be ready either. So I'll look that up and then I'll let you know. But I believe body language is a very, very high percentage of what you're communicating as opposed to the words that you're speaking. And I know, I know this for fact, but I will tell you what the percentage is, but they don't, they don't force something on people

Liz Lima:

They, they have this natural confidence about themselves, the way the stand, the way that their, they're moving their body. And see how they're doing it. Now, don't, don't try to automatically, you know, do something that you've never done before where it'll look really awkward and you don't want to look like that social awkward guy. So, you know, maybe start practicing it in your life, practice it in front of the mirror. Why not, right? Because the first time you do something is the first time you've done something so it's not going to be awesome and perfect and exciting. So just practice, right? I'm sure you've done this before. Maybe when you wanted to talk to a guy or a girl when you were younger, I mean, I'm just throwing it out there. Did you pretend to talk to them in the mirror that you did?

Liz Lima:

So do that feel comfortable practice. You'll see that the more that you observe confident people, you'll start to understand like what they're doing naturally, right? And this, this is just a way to help you the confidence. That's what I did. And for me, I did a lot of pretending and I talk a lot about that in my book that's coming out, that little selfless, shameless plug right there. But I did a lot of pretending because I would imagine and I did see, you know, okay, what would a confident person do right now? Okay. And how would they act right now and what would they think right now? That's the biggest thing because once you start putting these things in your own self, that's how it's going to come out naturally. And that's how you'll be seen. You'll be confident and life is just better. Life is better when you have confident thoughts and you know, you're not,

Liz Lima:

You know, digging into yourself all the time and hitting yourself with negative nonsense all the time. Trust me, it's really crappy over there. And it's really great over here. So, uh, that's what I have about, confidence today. I think I'll have a few more episodes on different aspects of confidence cause I see a lot of this with, the clients that I'm coaching. But, um, big news, big news, I have a coming soon websites for the book that's coming out. So it is slated in quotes to come out the end of this month. We'll see. But the website address is Iamenoughbs.com. And when you go there, you can enter in your name and your email and you'll be updated on, okay, what's happening with the book. You know, maybe when we're trying to pick covers, you can be part of the, the people who vote on what cover we're going to use.

Liz Lima:

I'm going to do some pretty cool pre launches for the book, so see that. And also if you are part of an organization or a club or whatever that you would like to have a special VIP visit where we can just sit and I just said rap, like really? I don't rap like at all. Like I love like that two live crew song and I would try to rap it when I was a teenager and it didn't work. So, we could sit and chat and maybe have some wine. Just talk about the book. Um, I would love that if you have any book clubs that you're a part of, I would love to do that. I am going to be traveling, doing some speaking engagements for the book, which is super exciting. So if you can go to, Iamenoughbs.com that's where you get all the super cool info on that.

Liz Lima:

And possibly when I'm done with this confidence series, I might have some type of like free workbook that we can work through about you getting your confidence up and maybe seeing how your confidence has improved. That'd be cool. So thank you so much for listening. I truly appreciate it. I know your time is Uber valuable cause it's the number one thing we have in our life that we don't get back. It's our time. So if you feel that this has helped you in any way, please share it with the friends so they can improve their life so they can improve somebody else's life. It would be great. Give us a rating. Thank you so much. I truly appreciate it. No Bs love you all. Talk soon. Bye.

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