I’m a Venus Warrior

Hi, my name is Liz De Lima.

I’m part of a group of empowered women you probably never heard of.

We have been through hell and back from being independent women, to becoming spouses, bearing children all while holding a career and balancing a household. We do not have the luxury of time but never bitch and moan and manage to accomplish a whole hell of a lot more than most.

We are bringing back the fire and desire that we have buried within. To take our identities back and declare who we were meant to be.

We do not believe in sacrificing our callings, to be the best mothers to our children. For those that don’t know their calling, they will discover it along this journey.

We believe we triumph in any field while being the adored super mom. We are beautiful and have the strength of a warrior.

We are Venus Warriors, and these are our stories!