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Day 1 Who Is This Inner Critic - Venus Warriors - Liz Lima - Blog Post

Day 1 – Who Is This Inner Critic?

Who Is This Inner Critic?Hello and welcome to “Shut Up Your Inner Critic: a 30-Day Challenge to Get Over Self-Doubt.” You probably have some idea about what an inner critic is. Most of us deal with this bitching inner voice that usually keeps us from living up to our potential. However, everyone’s inner critic is …

Shut Up Love, Me... - Woman Empowerment Movements The Venus Warriors Podcast - Liz Lima - Blog Post

Shut up! Love, Me…

Today we’re going to cover that stupid inner critic that you have inside of your head. I’m sure you’ve heard of it before and I’m sure that you have had really bad bouts with it and arguing with it and having just flat out massive just anger and just being frustrated with it. That’s what I want to talk about today.

I am Enough - Woman Empowerment Movements The Venus Warriors Podcast - Web Site

I am enough

Today’s episode provides another avenue for women all around the world to resonate with some personal experiences that are tackled in the sessions. Today I talk about the interpretation of the statement “I am enough.”