Day 1 Challenge


Ask yourself aloud: What are my passions?

I am sure you have heard this question before. Have you thought about it? Don’t dismiss it.

Do you remember what you loved doing as a child? Can you imagine yourself doing that now?

Ponder This:

What activities do I perform where I lose track of time?

What do I love to talk about?

What did I do before my career/children?

How to bring passions into your life today


How will you follow those passions today?

Make a list of your passions and keep it on your phone or on some paper in your pocket. Make this list your screensaver or lock screen so you see it every time you grab your phone. 

What can you do today that will incorporate your passions? Look at your day, where is there some time you can incorporate this activity?

Write out your schedule and see where you can carve out a little time each day or each week for your passion. You have to make the space for this to happen.

#IAmAVenusWarrior and I completed Day 1 - Passions, of the 5 Day "Find You" Challenge @VenusWarriors! 

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