What is self-love? It is the unconditional feeling of love, acceptance, and appreciation for yourself.

Ask yourself aloud: Do I choose to love myself today and every day? 

Have I loved myself in the past?

Will I have self-respect, a positive self-image, and unconditional self-acceptance?

Do I currently take care of myself?

How often do I think of my needs?

One way to discover your self love is to write.  

Write a “why I choose to love myself” paragraph.

How to bring self-love into your life today


How will you love yourself today?

Will you allow yourself some "me-time"?

What will you do today that will take care of yourself for a moment and not someone else.

Ponder This:

I made the choice to love me, not only for myself but because my daughter is watching. What do I want her to see? What do I want her to believe about herself? 

Would I want my daughter to treat herself the way I treat myself? 

#IAmAVenusWarrior and I completed Day 2 – Self-Love, of the 5 Day "Find You" Challenge @VenusWarriors!

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