Why Not You

Why should you believe in anything that I say? I have gone through struggles just like anyone else. One of the biggest struggles in my life was that I was fat. Yes, it’s true. I was fat. I didn’t start life fat (and yes, it was my life choices that made me fat).

Okay, back up. When I was a kid, I was “normal” weight, but not in a normal family. I’m 100% Portuguese and if you know anything about Portuguese culture, we aren’t that healthy. What’s the problem with having two starches in one plate? Who needs vegetables?

Normal Weight

So why did it all of sudden seem like my “weight” was a “problem”? When you have two cousins that are in modeling school and you’re known for not being one – maybe that was it. Life goes on right?

High School

I graduated high school and went off to college. This is where it goes downhill… but it does for everyone right?

When did it hit me that I was big (as in, big for me; that I knew it was not healthy for me)?

  1. I had migraines ALL THE TIME. (possibly due to the diet-induced high blood pressure?!)
  2. When I couldn’t fit into my boyfriend’s XL pair of shorts. When I couldn’t fit into anything.
  3. When a family member tells you, “Maybe you should lose a little weight”?

College Undergrad

Let’s elaborate on the XL shorts story.

I just started grad school. It was 2002. I had to go into the lab (oh, by the way, I’m a scientist). Tried to get dressed and I couldn’t fit into anything. Now I was frustrated, angry and swearing up a storm.

I then took my boyfriend’s XL men shorts and they didn’t fit. Men’s shorts, XL on a woman, and they didn’t fit. That was it; I lay on the floor SOBBING for the afternoon. I never made it to the lab that day.

Grad School

Phase 1: What the hell do I do?

I had no idea where to start. I had to do SOMETHING. So, it was 2002 and the biggest fad at the time was the Atkins diet. I bought the book and read it. I thought, “I can do this!” So I started. It worked. I lost some weight but not where I wanted to be and let’s face it, I’m not going to ignore BREAD for the rest of my life. Have you ever had a Papo Seco? It’s a Portuguese bread roll. They are amazing. Go get one at your local Portuguese bakery.

Atkins Phase 1

Phase 2: What’s the next step?

I could not sustain the lifestyle of Atkins; it wasn’t for me. I also wasn’t where I wanted to be. What was the next diet craze in 2004? The South Beach Diet. Same routine ensues, bought the book and after reading the most horrifying sentence “You have to give up alcohol for 2 weeks” I threw the book across the room. How the hell was I supposed to NOT drink for 2 weeks?! I’m in grad school! Do they not understand that is IMPOSSIBLE?! Yeah, okay, I did it. And it was okay. I was now learning the difference about foods. What’s a good fat, whole grains, carbs, etc.

South Beach Phase 2

Phase 3: Next step?

Yes there was a next step. I was STILL nowhere near where I wanted to be. I started to incorporate the gym into my life and it didn’t seem to do much. Why? Because the way you look is majority diet! Yeah, I didn’t know that then either.

In high school I was a cheerleader and I had a crazy idea that I was going to try out for the New England Patriot Cheerleaders (silly me). I went and I got cut first round. Who was I kidding?

This set the wheels in motion for the next step. I wanted to find a coach. I wanted to find someone who knew what she/he was doing. Hell, that wouldn’t be too hard; I clearly didn’t know what I was doing.

Fast forward a few years and I was now competing in fitness competitions. Yup, for 3 years I was on stage in beautiful bedazzled swimsuits being judged.

Was it hard? Yes. Did I love how I looked? Yes. Was it hard to maintain? Yes. Could I live there? No.

Fitness Competitions Phase 3

Phase 4: Life Happens

In 2008 I got married. We then had our first child in 2011 and our second child in 2012. (Our lovely children are 22 months apart.) Your body goes through a lot of crazy things when you are pregnant, then not, and then pregnant again. I gained 65 pounds with my first and 70 pounds with my second. The odd thing about this was that I was not eating poorly. I kept growing, and I was very ill for both of my first trimesters. My OB was concerned for gestational diabetes in my second pregnancy. Everything went well and both babies were (and are) healthy.


Wedding                                          Pregnancy 1                             Pregnancy 2                  

Phase 5: Today

I travel often for work. I am usually on a plane 3 out of the 4 weeks in a month. Getting a routine down with nutrition and exercising is difficult with this schedule.

I have finally found the way to make this easy.

Now Phase 5

Why do I share this?

I am putting all of this out there to show you that I understand how hard it is to struggle with something. I also want to give you the strength to know that YOU CAN DO IT. You can do whatever it is that you want to do. YOU ONLY HAVE TO DO IT. BELIEVE IT.

Let’s do this together. Click Here.


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