Day 1 Challenge

The  5 Day "Find You" Challenge begins on Monday.
In the meantime, check below for tips on how to 
get yourself ready.

Liz here:

Welcome to the 5 Day "Find You" Challenge! This is an email and video based course. Look out for my email with more information, AND  your video guides can be found in our private Facebook group. So make sure to join our Facebook group here -> Venus Warriors Facebook group.

Below are some strategies and tips on how to prep for and get the most out of this challenge. But first, one of the best ways to push yourself to your MAX potential is to go through this course with some friends. If you know someone who you think would love the challenge, share with them and you can work through it together!

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How to Prep for the 5 Day "Find You" Challenge

Set time aside AUTOMATICALLY

I highly suggest spending at least 30 minutes each day to read the lessons and take the action steps. The more time you spend, the more you’ll benefit! Don't forget to pop in our private Facebook page Venus Warriors to see the video training guides!

But seriously, the most important part is setting aside time NOW. If you don’t, something else will come up, and you’ll wait until “later.” And "later" never comes. I know this from all my years of testing...on me. 

Start Thinking About What You’ll Do As Your New You!

You’re going to learn how to find you again in just 5 days.

It’s a huge step toward having more freedom and taking control of your life,.

All I ask is that you decide what you will do with your new identity, for two reasons:

  1. You’re far more likely to complete the Challenge if you have a specific end goal in mind.

  2. You’ll enjoy your life more if you know what you're going toward.

Hold Yourself Accountable

Every time I've been held accountable for something, I’ve succeeded. But I’ve failed at thousands of things when I was on my own.

Grab your friends and family to hold you accountable during the 5 Day "Find You" Challenge. Studies show having a support system makes you far more likely to follow through and succeed!

Make sure to invite them to join this challenge with you -- share it on Facebook

and on Twitter.

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